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Structural and Morphological Control in the Preparation of High Surface Area Zirconia

04-Sep-2008 | S. Jaenicke, G. K. Chuah, V. Raju, Y. T. Nie, Catalysis Surveys from Asia, 2008

The methods for the formation of zirconia including precipitation from aqueous salts, sol–gel synthesis from zirconium alkoxides, and the templated synthesis using surfactants are described in this review. The surface areas obtained vary widely but invariably decrease upon prolonged calcination. ...


Trypsin-Banding Induced Volume Changes of Human Metaphase Chromosomes Analyzed by Scanning Force Microscopy

30-Nov-2004 | W. Fritzsche, R. Augustin, S. Michel, U. Claussen, Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy, 2004

A procedure for volume estimation based on scanning force microscopy images is applied to the study of banding-induced structural changes of chromosomes. Therefore, metaphase chromosomes were imaged before and after trypsin digestion, and the resulting three-dimensional data sets were used for a ...


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