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Review on Premixed Combustion Technology: Stability, Emission Control, Applications, and Numerical Case Study

02-Dec-2016 | Sherif S. Rashwan; Medhat A. Nemitallah; Mohamed A. Habib, Energy & Fuels, 2016

Recently, premixed combustion dominated the field of combustion research worldwide. The current work is a review that addresses the stability, approaches, and emission control of premixed flames in different applications. The study addresses the recent developments made to overcome the combustor ...


Time Resolved Measurements of Speciated Tailpipe Emissions from Motor Vehicles: Trends with Emission Control Technology, Cold Start Effects, and Speciation

29-Nov-2016 | Greg T. Drozd; Yunliang Zhao; Georges Saliba; Bruce Frodin; Christine Maddox; Robert J. Weber; M.-C. Oliver Chang; H ..., Environmental Science & Technology, 2016

Experiments were conducted at the California Air Resources Board Haagen-Smit Laboratory to understand changes in vehicle emissions in response to stricter emissions standards over the past 25 years. Measurements included a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for a wide range of spark ...


Unidirectional Emission of a Site-Controlled Single Quantum Dot from a Pyramidal Structure

20-Sep-2016 | Sejeong Kim; Su-Hyun Gong; Jong-Hoi Cho; Yong-Hoon Cho, Nano Letters, 2016

Emission control of a quantum emitter made of semiconductor materials is of significance in various optical applications. Specifically, the realization of efficient quantum emitters is important because typical semiconductor quantum dots are associated with low extraction efficiency levels due to ...


Combustion Chemistry Diagnostics for Cleaner Processes

21-Jul-2016 | Katharina Kohse‐Höinghaus, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2016

Abstract Climate change, environmental problems, urban pollution, and the dependence on fossil fuels demand cleaner, renewable energy strategies. However, they also ask for urgent advances in combustion science to reduce emissions. For alternative fuels and new combustion regimes, crucial ...


Ammonia Mobility in Chabazite: Insight into the Diffusion Component of the NH3-SCR Process

08-Jun-2016 | Alexander James O'Malley; Iain Hitchcock; Misbah Sarwar; Ian Philip Silverwood; Sheena Hindocha; C Richard A Catlow; ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016

The diffusion of ammonia in commercial NH3-SCR catalyst Cu-CHA was measured and compared with H-CHA using quasielastic neutron scattering (QENS) and molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to assess the effect of counterion presence on NH3 mobility in automotive emission control relevant zeolite ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 304: Decreasing NOx of a Low-Speed Two-Stroke Marine Diesel Engine by Using In-Cylinder Emission Control Measures

21-Apr-2016 | Feng, Liyan ; Tian, Jiangping ; Long, Wuqiang ; Gong, Weixin ; Du, Baoguo ; Li, Dan ; Chen, Lei, Energies, 2016

The authors applied one-dimensional (1-D) simulation and 3-D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation to evaluate the potential of in-cylinder control methods on a low-speed 2-stroke marine engine to reach the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Tier 3 NOx emissions standards. Reducing ...


[Report] Methane emissions from the 2015 Aliso Canyon blowout in Los Angeles, CA

18-Mar-2016 | S. Conley; G. Franco; I. Faloona; D. R. Blake; J. Peischl; T. B. Ryerson, Science , 2016

Single-point failures of natural gas infrastructure can hamper methane emission control strategies designed to mitigate climate change. The 23 October 2015 blowout of a well connected to the Aliso Canyon underground storage facility in California resulted in a massive release of natural gas. ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 128: New Aspects to Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Policies for Low Carbon Cities

25-Feb-2016 | Dalianis, George ; Nanaki, Evanthia ; Xydis, George, Energies, 2016

Methane (CH4) is an important greenhouse gas emitted by vehicles. This study provides estimates of emissions of this important and often not well characterized greenhouse gas (GHG) emission related to transportation energy use. It aims to assist urban community planners and policymakers to ...


New experimental data for absorption of SO2 into DMA solution

22-Feb-2016 | Sidda Rajendra, Chelluboyana Vaishnava Raghunath, Monoj Kumar Mondal, Environmental Progress, 2016

Removal of SO2 and its accurate prediction from the flue gases emitted from various chemical industries in a techno‐econo‐enviro manner is of great importance. The experiments were conducted in a bubble column to study the absorption of SO2 into dimethyl amine (DMA) solution from simulated gas ...


[Letter] China's partial emission control

12-Feb-2016 | Aijun Lin; Yuan Pu; Weikang Qi; Xiaoliang Li; Xiujin Li; Canfa Wang; X. Jin Yang, Science , 2016

Authors: Aijun Lin, Yuan Pu, Weikang Qi, Xiaoliang Li, Xiujin Li, Canfa Wang, X. Jin Yang


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