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Entropy, Vol. 20, Pages 484: Energy and Exergy Analyses of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell-Gas Turbine-Organic Rankine Cycle Power Plant with Liquefied Natural Gas as Heat Sink

22-Jun-2018 | Ahmadi, Mohammad H.; Sadaghiani, Mirhadi S.; Pourfayaz, Fathollah ; Ghazvini, Mahyar ; Mahian, Omid ; Mehrpooya, M ..., Entropy, 2018

Entropy, Vol. 20, Pages 484: Energy and Exergy Analyses of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell-Gas Turbine-Organic Rankine Cycle Power Plant with Liquefied Natural Gas as Heat Sink Entropy doi: 10.3390/e20070484 Authors: Mohammad H. Ahmadi Mirhadi S. Sadaghiani Fathollah Pourfayaz Mahyar ...


Kilogram-scale prexasertib monolactate monohydrate synthesis under continuous-flow CGMP conditions

16-Jun-2017 | Kevin P. Cole; Jennifer McClary Groh; Martin D. Johnson; Christopher L. Burcham; Bradley M. Campbell; William D. Dis ..., Science , 2017

Advances in drug potency and tailored therapeutics are promoting pharmaceutical manufacturing to transition from a traditional batch paradigm to more flexible continuous processing. Here we report the development of a multistep continuous-flow CGMP (current good manufacturing practices) process ...


Solubility of Calcium Phosphate in Concentrated Dairy Effluent Brines

11-May-2017 | K. Kezia; J. Lee; B. Zisu; G. Q. Chen; S. L. Gras; S. E. Kentish, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2017

The solubility of calcium phosphate in concentrated dairy brine streams is important in understanding mineral scaling on equipment, such as membrane modules, evaporators, and heat exchangers, and in brine pond operation. In this study, the solubility of calcium phosphate has been assessed in the ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 448: Thermo-Economic and Heat Transfer Optimization of Working-Fluid Mixtures in a Low-Temperature Organic Rankine Cycle System

09-Jun-2016 | Oyewunmi, Oyeniyi A.; Markides, Christos N., Energies, 2016

In the present paper, we consider the employment of working-fluid mixtures in organic Rankine cycle (ORC) systems with respect to thermodynamic and heat-transfer performance, component sizing and capital costs. The selected working-fluid mixtures promise reduced exergy losses due to their ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 337: The Misselhorn Cycle: Batch-Evaporation Process for Efficient Low-Temperature Waste Heat Recovery

05-May-2016 | Gleinser, Moritz ; Wieland, Christoph, Energies, 2016

The concept of the Misselhorn cycle is introduced as a power cycle that aims for efficient waste heat recovery of temperature sources below 100 °C. The basic idea shows advantages over a standard Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) in overall efficiency and utilization of the heat source. The main ...


Bubble coalescence inhibition in volatile solutions at elevated temperatures

13-Apr-2016 | Jianbiao Shen, Jian Huang, Chuanping Liu, Li Wang, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2016

Abstract An experimental study on the effect of liquid temperature on coalescence of bubble pairs in volatile solutions is presented. Alcohols with low molecular mass were used as volatile additives, and the temperature investigated ranged from 25–60°C. At low temperatures, earlier results ...


Forced convection boiling in a stator‐rotor‐stator spinning disc reactor

11-Apr-2016 | M.M. de Beer, J.T.F. Keurentjes, J.C. Schouten, J. van der Schaaf, AIChE Journal, 2016

Abstract Boiling of a pure fluid inside the rotor‐stator cavities of a stator‐rotor‐stator spinning disc reactor (srs‐SDR) is studied, as a function of rotational velocity ω, average temperature driving force ΔT and mass flow rate φm. The average boiling heat transfer coefficient hb increases ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 183: Thermal Stability of Hexamethyldisiloxane (MM) for High-Temperature Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)

10-Mar-2016 | Preißinger, Markus ; Brüggemann, Dieter, Energies, 2016

The design of efficient Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) units for the usage of industrial waste heat at high temperatures requires direct contact evaporators without intermediate thermal oil circuits. Therefore, the thermal stability of high-temperature working fluids gains importance. In this study, ...


Entropy, Vol. 18, Pages 85: Assessing the Robustness of Thermoeconomic Diagnosis of Fouled Evaporators: Sensitivity Analysis of the Exergetic Performance of Direct Expansion Coils

05-Mar-2016 | Piacentino, Antonio ; Catrini, Pietro, Entropy, 2016

Thermoeconomic diagnosis of refrigeration systems is a pioneering approach to the diagnosis of malfunctions, which has been recently proven to achieve good performances for the detection of specific faults. Being an exergy-based diagnostic technique, its performance is influenced by the trends of ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 142: Smart Control of Multiple Evaporator Systems with Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks

29-Feb-2016 | González-Potes, Apolinar ; Mata-López, Walter A.; Ochoa-Brust, Alberto M.; Escobar-del Pozo, Carlos, Energies, 2016

This paper describes the complete integration of a fuzzy control of multiple evaporator systems with the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, in which we study several important aspects for this kind of system, like a detailed analysis of the end-to-end real-time flows over wireless sensor and actuator ...


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