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Wälzkolbenpumpen mit ATEX‐Zertifizierung

08-Jun-2017 | Melanie Stanzel, Meike Strasheim, Vakuum in Forschung und Praxis, 2017

Zusammenfassung Seit Inkrafttreten der EU‐weit einheitlichen Explosionsschutzrichtlinie „ATEX” steigt auch die Nachfrage für Vakuumpumpen, die nach deren Vorgaben zertifiziert sind. Dieser Artikel geht auf die Besonderheiten von explosionsgeschützten Wälzkolbenpumpen ein und behandelt ...


Limiting oxygen concentrations of gases

16-Feb-2016 | Laurence G. Britton, Martin P. Clouthier, Benjamin K. Harrison, Samuel A. Rodgers, Process Safety Progress, 2016

This article discusses technical and practical aspects of the limiting oxygen concentration (LOC) including a detailed appraisal of possible sources of measurement error. LOC values obtained in the “classical” 5‐cm diameter, vertical tube apparatus have been described as nonconservative owing to ...


Suppression effect of explosion in linked spherical vessels and pipelines impacted by wire‐mesh structure

09-Jun-2015 | Shangfeng Zhang, Zhirong Wang, Qingqing Zuo, Juncheng Jiang, Changde Cheng, Process Safety Progress, 2015

A series of experiments are conducted to study suppression effect of multilayer wire‐mesh structure on methane‐air mixture explosion in linked vessels. Explosion suppression effect is analyzed for explosion suppression structures with different layers and meshes. The most reasonable multilayer ...


CFD‐based simulation study on producer gas explosion in an electrostatic precipitation

27-Apr-2015 | Kai Yang, Qiang Li, Zhijiang Ding, Lichun Xiao, Process Safety Progress, 2015

Gas explosion is one of the most serious problems in the operation of electrostatic precipitation (ESP) which is applied to purify producer gas. Simulation study on the producer gas explosion in ESP has been conducted with computational fluid dynamic method. Producer gas explosion was studied ...


Chemical explosion isolation applied to small mills

15-Dec-2014 | Jérôme R. Taveau, Thomas M. Farrell, Process Safety Progress, 2014

Mills are used in many branches of the process industries (food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and energy). According to accident statistics, this type of equipment is also among the most likely places for a dust deflagration to occur: fine dust is continuously produced and ...


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