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Sensors, Vol. 12, Pages 17608-17619: Colonization of Potato Rhizosphere by GFP-Tagged Bacillus subtilis MB73/2, Pseudomonas sp. P482 and Ochrobactrum sp. A44 Shown on Large Sections of Roots Using Enrichment Sample Preparation and Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy

18-Dec-2012 | Krzyzanowska, Dorota ; Obuchowski, Michal ; Bikowski, Mariusz ; Rychlowski, Michal ; Jafra, Sylwia, Sensors, 2012

The ability to colonize the host plants’ rhizospheres is a crucial feature to study in the case of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPRs) with potential agricultural applications. In this work, we have created GFP-tagged derivatives of three candidate PGPRs: Bacillus subtilis MB73/2, ...


The dominant role of polymer erosion in paclitaxel release from folate‐modified poly(ether‐anhydride) nanocarrier

26-Nov-2012 | Xipan Liu, Dan Pan, Qian Guo, Yanjun Zhao, Zheng Wang, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2012

Abstract This study designed a photo‐crosslinkable poly(ether‐anhydride) nanocarrier with folate modification to achieve both biodegradability and active targeting. The nanocarrier consists of a hydrophobic polymer core and a shell of folate and hydrophilic poly(ethylene glycol). Nuclear ...


Application of microscopical techniques in the study of autolysosome dynamics in PC12 neurites

23-Nov-2012 | YI YANG, LIN QING FENG, XIAO XIANG ZHENG, LI HUI ZHANG, Journal of Microscopy, 2012

Summary Autophagy is a principal degradation pathway for the turnover of intracellular proteins or cytoplasmic organelles in response to starvation. During autophagic activation, autophagosomes fuse with lysosomes to form autolysosomes where incorporated materials are degraded. However, the ...


Single-Molecule Lactonization of Octadecylrhodamine B at a Liquid–Liquid Interface

26-Oct-2012 | Tomoko Matsui; Satoshi Tsukahara; Hitoshi Watarai, Langmuir, 2012

The total internal reflection laser fluorescence microscope method was used to observe the lateral diffusion of a single octadecylrhodamine B (C18RB) molecule at the toluene–water interface. The interfacial diffusion constant of single fluorescent cation C18RB+ was obtained from the maximum ...


Evaluation of Stem Cell-to-Tenocyte Differentiation By Atomic Force Microscopy to Measure Cellular Elastic Moduli

22-Oct-2012 | Yasuyuki Morita, Taichi Mukai, Yang Ju, Sachi Watanabe, Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics, 2012

In the present study, we evaluated whether stem cell-to-tenocyte differentiation could be evaluated via measurement of the mechanical properties of the cell. We used mechanical uniaxial cyclic stretching to induce the differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into tenocytes. The ...


Synthesis and Application of a Full Water‐Soluble and Red‐Emitting Chemosensor Based on Phenoxazinium for Copper(II) Ions

27-Sep-2012 | Baolong Yan, Ru Sun, Jianfeng Ge, Yujie Xu, Qianqian Zhang, Xuebo Yang, Jianmei Lu, Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 2012

Abstract A phenoxazinium‐based chemosensor (1) bearing di(2‐picolyl)amine unit was successfully synthesized. The result shows that it is a red‐emitting and full water‐soluble chemosensor for the selective detection of Cu2+ in pure water. The fluorescence on‐off mechanism was studied by ab ...


Non‐covalently Functionalized Fluorescent Carbon Nanotubes: A Supramolecular Approach of Selective Zinc Ions Sensing in Living Cells

25-Sep-2012 | Miao Yu, Yuping Liu, Yong Chen, Ning Zhang, Yu Liu, Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 2012

Abstract A fluorescent cyclodextrin/carbon nanotube assembly was easily constructed through the non‐covalent attachment of adamantanylpyrene on carbon nanotube and the following association of cyclodextrin derivative bearing fluorescent substituent, and its structure was fully characterized by ...


Molecules, Vol. 17, Pages 11242-11254: A Phytoanticipin Derivative, Sodium Houttuyfonate, Induces in Vitro Synergistic Effects with Levofloxacin against Biofilm Formation by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

20-Sep-2012 | Shao, Jing ; Cheng, Huijuan ; Wang, Changzhong ; Wang, Yan, Molecules, 2012

Antibiotic resistance has become the main deadly factor in infections, as bacteria can protect themselves by hiding in a self-constructed biofilm. Consequently, more attention is being paid to the search for “non-antibiotic drugs” to solve this problem. Phytoanticipins, the natural antibiotics ...


Quinoline‐Based, Glucose‐Pendant Fluorescent Zinc Probes

13-Sep-2012 | Yuji Mikata, Anna Ugai, Keiko Yasuda, Saori Itami, Satoshi Tamotsu, Hideo Konno, Satoshi Iwatsuki, Chemistry & Biodiversity, 2012

Abstract Quinoline‐based tetradentate ligands with glucose pendants, N,N′‐bis[2‐(β‐d‐glucopyranosyloxy)ethyl]‐N,N′‐bis[(6‐methoxyquinolin‐2‐yl)methyl]ethylenediamine (N,N′‐6‐MeOBQBGEN) and its N,N‐counterpart, N,N‐6‐MeOBQBGEN, have been prepared, and their fluorescence‐spectral changes upon Zn ...


Micro rings self-assembled from organic NPB and their polarized optical properties

10-Sep-2012 | Hao-Di Wu, Yan Xiao, Ge-Bo Pan, Chemical Physics Letters, 2012

Micro rings of organic NPB have been prepared by evaporating chloroform solution on a silicon surface, which is assisted with a template of water droplets. The topography and optical properties of NPB rings were investigated by microscopy techniques. It is found that the polarized fluorescence ...


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