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Energies, Vol. 11, Pages 780: Energy Requirements for Biomass Harvest and Densification

28-Mar-2018 | Shinners, Kevin ; Friede, Joshua, Energies, 2018

Energies, Vol. 11, Pages 780: Energy Requirements for Biomass Harvest and Densification Energies doi: 10.3390/en11040780 Authors: Kevin Shinners Joshua Friede This research quantified the unit and bulk density of several biomass crops across a variety of harvest and processing ...


Chapati Making Quality of Whole Wheat Flour (Atta) Obtained by Various Processing Techniques

11-Sep-2015 | Aashitosh A. Inamdar, Suresh D. Sakhare, P. Prabhasankar, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract Wheat was processed in chakki (CM), hammer (HM), disk (DM), pin (PM) and roller mill (RM) with an objective of quality characterization of whole wheat flour (atta) in relation to chapati making quality. Results indicated atta produced from RM was cooler and had retained more ...


Molecules, Vol. 19, Pages 18367-18380: Chitin and Chitosan Nanofibers: Preparation and Chemical Modifications

11-Nov-2014 | Ifuku, Shinsuke, Molecules, 2014

Chitin nanofibers are prepared from the exoskeletons of crabs and prawns, squid pens and mushrooms by a simple mechanical treatment after a series of purification steps. The nanofibers have fine nanofiber networks with a uniform width of approximately 10 nm. The method used for chitin-nanofiber ...


Use of a finite element method to calculate roll profiles for broad-strip mills

04-Sep-2012 | E. A. Garber, N. L. Bolobanova, A. I. Traino, Russian Metallurgy (Metally), 2012

A model is proposed to calculate the polishing profiling of rolls in broad-strip mills using a finite element method, and it is applied to develop new roll profiles. The finite element method is used to determine the polishing profiling of a roll with a complex shape, which substantially ...


Increasing workpiece peripheral speed as a means for improving ergonomics of cylindrical up grinding with cubic boron nitride tools

04-Jan-2010 | V. S. Ptashnikov, Journal of Superhard Materials, 2010

The author pioneered in experimentally finding out that an increase in the workpiece peripheral speed proper in a wide range invariantly leads to a definitely better surface roughness, i.e., smaller thickness of cut, suggesting an improvement in the process ergonomics, in cylindrical centered up ...


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