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Encapsulation and characterization of controlled release flurbiprofen loaded microspheres using beeswax as an encapsulating agent

11-Mar-2010 | Nazar M. Ranjha, Hafeezullah Khan, Shahzad Naseem, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 2010

The aim of the present study was to extend the use of flurbiprofen in clinical settings by avoiding its harmful gastric effects. For this purpose, we designed the controlled release solid lipid flurbiprofen microspheres (SLFM) by emulsion congealing technique. Drug was entrapped into gastro ...


Charge separation in Na+Cl-(H2O)n clusters in water vapors. 1. Intermolecular interactions

11-Mar-2010 | S. V. Shevkunov, Colloid Journal, 2010

Charge separation in “soft” nanoparticles composed of water molecules, as well as sodium and chlorine ions, is studied by computer simulation. The detailed model of intermolecular interactions that includes, in addition to Coulomb, exchange, and dispersion forces, many-particle polarization and ...


Crystal chemical analysis of natural clay material of different genesis

10-Mar-2010 | N. A. Palchik, T. N. Grigoreva, T. N. Moroz, Journal of Structural Chemistry, 2010

Crystal chemical analysis of natural clay material that formed under different physicochemical parameters shows that the analyzed samples are represented in series I by almost pure smectite (K,Na,Mg,Ca)x ·nH2O·(Fe,Mg)2(Si,Al,Fe)4O10(OH)2, in series II by smectite with a small impurity (~15%) of ...


Catch me if you can! Novel aspects of cadmium transport in mammalian cells

10-Mar-2010 | Frank Thévenod, BioMetals, 2010

Cadmium (Cd2+) is a nonessential divalent metal ion that causes toxicity in multiple organs in humans. In order for toxicity to occur Cd2+ must first enter cells by utilizing transport pathways for essential metals. This review focuses on studies in which Cd2+ transport was directly demonstrated ...


Ideal Behavior of Water Solutions of Strong Electrolytes and Non-electrolytes at High Concentrations

10-Mar-2010 | Andreas A. Zavitsas, Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2010

Contrary to widely held beliefs, many concentrated aqueous solutions of strong electrolytes and nonelectrolytes are shown to behave ideally by calculating the activity of water (a w) from vapor pressure data. The mole fraction of water (x w) is equal to the water activity a w(Raoult’s Law) when ...


Theoretical study on the role of cooperative solvent molecules in the neutral hydrolysis of ketene

10-Mar-2010 | Xiao-Peng Wu, Xi-Guang Wei, Xiao-Ming Sun, Yi Ren, Ning-Bew Wong, Wai-Kee Li, Theoretical Chemistry Accounts: Theory, Computation, and Modeling (Theoretica Chimica Acta), 2010

The results of a theoretical study of the reaction mechanism for the neutral hydration of ketene, H2C=C=O + (n + 1) H2O → CH3COOH + nH2O (n = 0–4), in solution are presented. All structures were optimized and characterized at the MP2(fc)/6-31 + G* level of theory, and then re-optimized by ...


Synthesis, structure and cytotoxicity studies of four-coordinate bis (cis- bis(diphenylphosphino)ethene) gold(I) complexes, [Au(dppey)2]X

04-Mar-2010 | Peter C., Healy , Bradley T., Loughrey , Michael L., Williams , Peter G., Parsons, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 2010

Four-coordinate 1:2 gold(I) complex salts with cis-bis(diphenylphosphino)ethene, [Au(dppey)2]X have been synthesized for X=PF6−, CF3SO3−, BF4−, Cl−, Br− and BPh4− and characterized by NMR spectroscopy and electrospray mass spectrometry. Single crystal X-ray structure determinations show the BF4−, ...


Calculations of the thermodynamic properties of dimethylsulfoxide-water solutions on the basis of the cluster solvation model

03-Mar-2010 | V. V. Sergievskii, D. S. Skorobogat’ko, A. M. Rudakov, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2010

The thermodynamic functions of dimethylsulfoxide mixtures with water were analyzed over the whole composition range using the cluster solvation model taking into account the distribution of clusters over solvation numbers. The equations of the model were shown to correctly describe the ...


Ab initio calculation of the hydration of organic cations and their associates with amines on the surface of kaolinite

24-Feb-2010 | Yu. I. Tarasevich, E. V. Aksenenko, V. E. Polyakov, Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry, 2010

It was shown, by ab initio calculations of the characteristics of hydrophilic centers formed on the surfaces of organosubstituted kaolinites with equivalent and superequivalent modifications, that superequivalent modifications of the mineral surface with octadecylammonium chloride, i.e. blocking ...


Preparation and characterization of the Ti/IrO2/WO3 as supercapacitor electrode materials

08-Feb-2010 | Xiu-Bin Ren, Hai-Yan Lu, Hai-Bo Lin, Ya-Nan Liu, Yan Xing, Russian Journal of Electrochemistry, 2010

WO3 films have been prepared onto IrO2-coated Ti substrate by electro-deposition, and as-deposited and annealed films have been characterized by using Raman spectroscopy. It was found that the asdeposited film consists of orthorhombic WO3 · H2O phase, which transforms to amorphous WO3 by ...


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