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Early hydration of composite cement with thermal activated coal gangue

05-Feb-2010 | Wei Guo, Jianping Zhu, Dongxu Li, Jianhua Chen, Nanru Yang, Journal of Wuhan University of Technology--Materials Science Edition, 2010

Composite cement samples were prepared by mixing clinker, gypsum with burnt coal gangues which was calcined at various temperatures. The mechanical strength and Ca(OH)2 content in the cement paste were tested, and the paste composition and microstructure were analyzed by ...


Synthesis of C3S by sol-gel technique and its features

05-Feb-2010 | Zhen He, Wenquan Liang, Lei Wang, Jie Wang, Journal of Wuhan University of Technology--Materials Science Edition, 2010

Sol-gel method is a technique to synthesize inorganic materials based on wet-chemical reaction theory. The results have shown that reactants tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) and Ca(NO3)2·4H2O can form sol and gel in solution at 50–60 °C, and the cosolvents are propyl alcohol (NPA) and H2O, the ...


Methods of modifying the brittle behavior of cementitious composites

05-Feb-2010 | Chaoming Pang, Wei Sun, Christopher KY Leung, Journal of Wuhan University of Technology--Materials Science Edition, 2010

We put forward effective methods of increasing the tensile strain of cementitious composites with 2% PVA fiber and high fly ash content. The test results show that curing condition has a significantly effect on the tensile performance. It is approved that the specimens incorporated appropriate ...


Influence of additional metal ions on the ratio of the rates of intermediate product transformations in the hydrolysis of adenizine-5′-triphosphoric acid catalyzed by divalent Cu ions

18-Jan-2010 | E. Z. Utyanskaya, B. V. Lidskii, M. G. Neigauz, A. E. Shilov, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2010

It was shown earlier that the hydrolysis of the (CuATP2−)2 dimeric complex to CuADP− and inorganic phosphate Pi was an irreversible reaction. The main intermediate hydrolysis product, the formation of which should be taken into account at comparatively early hydrolysis stages, was the IntK ...


Phase equilibrium of the ternary system of NH4Cl-CaCl2-H2O at 50°C

11-Jan-2010 | Xia Li, Junsheng Yuan, Zhiyong Ji, Jianxin Chen, Frontiers of Chemical Engineering in China, 2010

The equilibrium data on the ternary system of NH4Cl—CaCl2—H2O at 50°C were investigated using the wet-residue method. The experimental results show that there are three pure phase crystal areas of NH4Cl, 2NH4Cl·CaCl2·3H2O and CaCl·2H2O, two mixture phase crystal areas of NH4Cl and ...


A Theoretical Interpretation for the Difference Between Stability Constants of the Same Metal Complex Determined by Different Analytical Methods

24-Dec-2009 | T. Nakashima, H. Waki, M. Toh, Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2009

The ion-exchange method tends to give higher values of the stability constant than those obtained from absorption spectrophotometry for the same complex. The reason for this difference was clarified by introducing an equation for the estimation of the amount of conversion between outer-sphere and ...


Growth and sintering effects of hydrated polycrystalline Li2WO4

01-Dec-2009 | Mohd Rafie Johan, Tan Kim Han, Abdul Kariem Arof, Ionics, 2009

Polycrystalline Li2WO4 was sintered at temperatures, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, and 700 °C. After sintering at each particular temperature, the Li2WO4 was cooled to room temperature. The X-ray diffraction pattern of Li2WO4 exhibits dominant peaks attributable to 7Li2WO4.4H2O (cubic) and Li2WO4 ...


Volumetric Properties of Aqueous Solutions of Tetramethyl-bis-urea between 278.15 and 338.15 K at Atmospheric Pressure

01-Dec-2009 | Evgeniy V. Ivanov, Journal of Solution Chemistry, 2009

Densities of aqueous solutions of tetramethyl-bis-urea (TMbU) with solute mole fractions ranging up to 7.0×10−2 have been measured with an uncertainty of 1.5×10−5 g⋅cm−3, at 278.15, 298.15, 318.15, and 338.15 K using a vibrating-tube densimeter. The partial molar volumes and expansibilities of ...


One-pot preparation of three-component oil-in-water high internal phase emulsions stabilized by palm-based laureth surfactants and their moisturizing properties

11-Nov-2009 | Hongngee Lim, Anuar Kassim, Nayming Huang, Mohd. Ambar Yarmo, Shootkian Yeong, Poisim Khiew, Weesiong Chiu, Colloid Journal, 2009

In the present study, olive and olein oils had been used for the preparation of three-component high internal phase emulsions with oil volume fraction of more than 0.77 stabilized by palm-based laureth surfactants for the first time, respectively. These emulsions were easily prepared by one-pot ...


Influence of different types of water on strength, porosity and hydric parameters of metakaolin admixtured cement

07-Nov-2009 | D. Govindarajan, R. Gopalakrishnan, Frontiers of Materials Science in China, 2009

The present research deals with strength, porosity and hydric behavior of metakaolin cement admixtured with different types of water. The hydration of ordinary Portland cement in the presence of 0%, 10%, 20% and 30% metakaolin treated with distilled, ground and sea water with the water to cement ...


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