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Interaction of Plasma Deposited HMDSO-Based Coatings with Fibrinogen and Human Blood Plasma: The Correlation between Bulk Plasma, Surface Characteristics and Biomolecule Interaction

23-Feb-2010 | Ram P. Gandhiraman, Mohan Kumar Muniyappa, Magdalena Dudek, Conor Coyle, Cedric Volcke, Anthony J. Killard, Paul Bur ..., Plasma Processes and Polymers, 2010

The success of a biomaterial depends on the nature of interaction and the progressive reaction between the biological components and the surface of the biomaterial. In order to control the interaction between the biomaterial and biological component, it is necessary to understand the factors that ...


Drying dissipative patterns of aqueous solutions of poly (4-vinyl-N-alkyl-pyridinium halide)

04-Jan-2010 | Tsuneo Okubo, Hiroyuki Ogawa, Akira Tsuchida, Colloid & Polymer Science, 2010

Drying dissipative structural patterns of aqueous solutions of poly (4-vinyl-N-alkyl-pyridinium halide) were studied on a cover glass. The broad rings were observed at the outside edge of the dried film. The broad ring size (or the area of the dried film, S) increased as polymer concentration ...


Preparation and surface properties of core‐shell polyacrylate latex containing fluorine and silicon in the shell

01-Jan-2010 | Xinyan Xiao; Rui Xu, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2010

The core‐shell polyacrylate latex particles containing fluorine and silicon in the shell were successfully synthesized by a seed emulsion polymerization, using methyl methacrylate (MMA) and butyl acrylate (BA) as main monomers, dodecafluoroheptyl methacrylate (DFMA), and γ‐(methacryloxy) ...


Tritium labeling: A unique tool for studying the behavior of humic substances in living systems

05-Dec-2009 | G. A. Badun, N. A. Kulikova, M. G. Chernysheva, Z. A. Tyasto, V. I. Korobkov, V. M. Fedoseev, E. A. Tsvetkova, A. I. ..., Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2009

A range of labeled humic substances was obtained by the tritium thermal activation method. The high specific radioactivity and radiochemical purity allowed direct determination of the hydrophobicity and surface activity of humic substances, and investigation of the behavior of humic substances in ...


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