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Reducing possible combinations of Wyckoff positions for zeolite structure prediction

26-May-2018 | Jiaze Wang; Yuzhi Xuan; Yue Ming; Yi Li, Faraday Discussions, 2018

Zeolites are an important class of tetrahedrally coordinated inorganic materials that have been widely used in many chemical industries as catalysts, adsorbents, and ion-exchangers. To date, over 200 types of zeolite frameworks have been discovered. Predicting not-yet-discovered zeolite ...



12-Jan-2018 | Elisa Boccalon; Morena Nocchetti; Monica Pica; Aldo Romani; Mario Casciola, Dalton Transactions, 2018

The chloride form of MgAl layered double hydroxide (hereafter MgAlCl) as anion exchanger and the semisodic form of α-zirconium phosphate (hereafter ZrPNaH) as cation exchanger are proposed as new cleaning agents for the gypsum removal from ancient monuments. The ability of these exchangers to ...


Correction: Revisiting syntheses of Ti(IV)/H2PO4–HPO4 functional ion-exchangers, properties and features

11-Jan-2018 | Mylène Trublet; Daniela Rusanova; Oleg N. Antzutkin, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

Correction for ‘Revisiting syntheses of Ti(iv)/H2PO4–HPO4 functional ion-exchangers, properties and features’ by Mylène Trublet et al., New J. Chem., 2017, DOI: 10.1039/c7nj03065g.


Layered double hydroxide and zirconium phosphate as ion exchangers for the removal of ‘black crusts’ from the surface of ancient monuments

11-Jan-2018 | E. Boccalon; M. Nocchetti; M. Pica; A. Romani; M. Casciola, Dalton Transactions, 2018

The chloride form of MgAl layered double hydroxide (hereafter MgAlCl) as an anion exchanger and the semisodic form of α-zirconium phosphate (hereafter ZrPNaH) as a cation exchanger are proposed as new cleaning agents for the removal of gypsum from ancient monuments. The ability of these ...


Highly Efficient Separation of Trivalent Minor Actinides by a Layered Metal Sulfide (KInSn2S6) from Acidic Radioactive Waste

10-Nov-2017 | Chengliang Xiao; Zohreh Hassanzadeh Fard; Debajit Sarma; Tze-Bin Song; Chao Xu; Mercouri G. Kanatzidis, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2017

The elimination of trivalent minor actinides (Am3+, Cm3+) is of great concern for the safe management and operation of nuclear waste geological repository and environmental remediation. However, because of the effects of protonation, most of the present sorbents exhibit inferior removal ...


Phosphate Recovery from Treated Municipal Wastewater using Hybrid Anion Exchangers containing Hydrated Ferric Oxide nanoparticles

30-Jun-2017 | Xialei You, César Valderrama, Vladimir Soldatov, José Luis Cortina, Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2017

Abstract BACKDROUND This study presents the evaluation of two ion exchangers (granular and fibrous) impregnated with nanoparticles of hydrated ferric oxide (HFO) as selective sorbents for phosphate recovery from aqueous solutions. The hybrid impregnated anion exchangers combine the ...


Effects of Protein Properties on Adsorption and Transport in Polymer‐grafted Ion Exchangers: A Multiscale Modeling Study

19-May-2017 | Joseph E. Basconi, Giorgio Carta, Michael R. Shirts, AIChE Journal, 2017

Abstract We use multiscale modeling to study how the molecular properties of a protein affect its adsorption and transport in ion exchange (IEX) chromatography matrices with either open pores or charged polymers grafted into the pore structure. Coarse‐grained molecular dynamics (MD) ...


Combined ion exchange and adsorption equilibria of 5′‐ribonucleotides on the strong acid cation exchange resin NH‐1

10-Dec-2016 | Pengfei Jiao, Jinglan Wu, Yingying Wang, Jingwei Zhou, Wei Zhuang, Yong Chen, Dong Liu, Chenjie Zhu, Hanjie Ying, Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2016

Abstract BACKGROUND 5′‐ribonucleotides including uridine 5′‐monophosphate (UMP), adenosine 5′‐monophosphate (AMP), cytidine 5′‐monophosphate (CMP), and guanosine 5′‐monophosphate (GMP) have been widely used as food additives. Ion exchange is a potential technique to separate ...


Superparamagnetic Composites Based on Ionic Resin Beads/CaCO3/Magnetite

02-Nov-2016 | Ion Bunia, Vlad Socoliuc, Ladislau Vekas, Florica Doroftei, Cristian Varganici, Adina Coroaba, Bogdan C. Simionescu, ..., Chemistry - A European Journal, 2016

Abstract The preparation of superparamagnetic composites obtained by CaCO3 mineralization from supersaturate aqueous solutions is presented. The preparation was conducted in the presence of oleic acid stabilized magnetite nanoparticles as a water‐based magnetic fluid and insoluble templates as ...


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