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Development of coated-wire silver ion selective electrodes on the paper using conductive films of silver nanoparticles

18-Sep-2013 | Wanwisa Janrungroatsakul; Chutiparn Lertvachirapaiboon; Wittaya Ngeontae; Wanlapa Aeungmaitrepirom; Orawon Chailapak ..., Analyst, 2013

Films of silver nanoparticles are used for the first time as electrical conductor and ion-to-electron transducer to fabricate coated-wire ion selective electrodes (ISEs) on the paper. The film of nano silver ink (nano silver film), synthesized from the reduction of AgNO3 by NaBH4, was screen ...


The intriguing di-tripodal amine calix[4]arene possessing allosteric anion sensing properties using Cu(II) ions as effectors to induce Donnan exclusion failure in polymeric membrane ion-selective electrodes

04-Sep-2013 | Phetlada Kunthadee; Sarayut Watchasit; Arpadsara Kaowliew; Chomchai Suksai; Wanlapa Wongsan; Wittaya Ngeontae; Orawo ..., New Journal of Chemistry, 2013

In this paper, di-tripodal amine calix[4]arene, L1, was successfully synthesized and used as an ion carrier in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membrane electrodes. Compound L1 was employed to demonstrate a new concept in anion sensing by preparing an allosteric PVC membrane that can respond selectively ...


Activity Coefficients in Quaternary Systems at 298.15 K: RbCl + MeOH + EtOH + H2O and CsCl + MeOH + EtOH + H2O Systems

19-Aug-2013 | Yanping Du; Shu’ni Li; Quanguo Zhai; Yucheng Jiang; Mancheng Hu, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2013

Activity coefficients of RbCl or CsCl in methanol + ethanol + water were determined at 298.15 K by the cells containing ion-selective electrodes (ISEs). The molalities of RbCl and CsCl are up to approximately 1 mol·kg–1 in the mixed solvents, and the mass fractions of five aqueous MeOH/EtOH ...


Investigation of Protein Binding With All Solid‐State Ion‐Selective Electrodes

23-Jul-2013 | Alok Prabhu, Johan Bobacka, Ari Ivaska, Kalle Levon, Electroanalysis, 2013

Abstract A potentiometric sensor for studying charge based adsorption of proteins was created using a single‐piece polyaniline‐PVC ion‐selective electrode (ISE). Three different ISEs, two for Na+ and one for Cl− ion determination, were studied. The Na+‐ISEs consisted of a neutral ...


A novel miniaturized radiofrequency potentiometer tag using ion-selective electrodes for wireless ion sensing

10-Jul-2013 | Marta Novell; Tomás Guinovart; Ivana Murkovic Steinberg; Matthew Steinberg; F. Xavier Rius; Francisco Andrade, Analyst, 2013

Instrumental approaches to remotely and wirelessly monitoring chemical species are increasingly needed. Together with the electronic developments, efforts to optimize and validate the performance of these new devices are required. In this work, the analytical performance of a recently developed ...


Fluorous Membrane Ion-Selective Electrodes for Perfluorinated Surfactants: Trace-Level Detection and in Situ Monitoring of Adsorption

09-Jul-2013 | Li D. Chen; Chun-Ze Lai; Laura P. Granda; Melissa A. Fierke; Debaprasad Mandal; Andreas Stein; John A. Gladysz; Phil ..., Analytical Chemistry, 2013

Ion-selective electrodes (ISEs) with fluorous anion-exchanger membranes for the potentiometric detection of perfluorooctanoate (PFO–) and perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS–) were developed. Use of an anion-exchanger membrane doped with the tetraalkylphosphonium derivative (Rf8(CH2)2)(Rf6(CH2)2)3P+ ...


PVC‐Based Ion‐Selective Electrodes with Enhanced Biocompatibility by Surface Modification with “Click” Chemistry

08-Jul-2013 | M. Pawlak, E. Grygolowicz‐Pawlak, G. A. Crespo, G. Mistlberger, E. Bakker, Electroanalysis, 2013

Abstract We report here on plasticized ion‐selective poly(vinyl chloride) membranes with increased biocompatibility by means of a copper(I)‐catalyzed azide‐alkyne cycloaddition (‘click chemistry’) on the surface of finished membranes. We aimed for increasing the hydrophilicity of the surface ...


Potentiometric Sensors with Ion-Exchange Donnan Exclusion Membranes

13-Jun-2013 | Ewa Grygolowicz-Pawlak; Gastón A. Crespo; Majid Ghahraman Afshar; Günter Mistlberger; Eric Bakker, Analytical Chemistry, 2013

Potentiometric sensors that exhibit a non-Hofmeister selectivity sequence are normally designed by selective chemical recognition elements in the membrane. In other situations, when used as detectors in separation science, for example, membranes that respond equally to most ions are preferred. ...


Wireless smart tag with potentiometric input for ultra low-power chemical sensing

20-May-2013 | Author(s): Petar Kassal , Ivana Murković Steinberg , Matthew D. Steinberg, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2013

Publication date: 31 July 2013 Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 184 Author(s): Petar Kassal , Ivana Murković Steinberg , Matthew D. Steinberg The Internet of Things (IoT) envisions a future based on billions of smart connected devices. Devices that sense their ...


Micelle formation of sodium hyodeoxycholate

13-May-2013 | Author(s): Keisuke Matsuoka , Kaede Takagi , Chikako Honda, Chemistry and Physics of Lipids, 2013

Publication date: Available online 7 May 2013 Source:Chemistry and Physics of Lipids Author(s): Keisuke Matsuoka , Kaede Takagi , Chikako Honda Sodium hyodeoxycholate (NaHDC) is the main component of hog bile salts, which play a role in the absorption of sparingly soluble materials in ...


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