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Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Ammonium/Phosphonium-based Protic Ionic Liquids: Influence of Alkyl to Aryl group

03-Jul-2018 | Anirban Mondal; Anurag Prakash Sunda, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

The variation of center atom in cation from N to P-atom lead to improved physio-chemical properties of protic ionic liquids (PILs) which are suitable for electrolyte applications. We present atomistic simulations study to compare the effect of alkyl or aryl group on trioctylammonium triflate ...


X-Ray scattering and physicochemical studies of trialkylamine/carboxylic acid mixtures: nanoscale structure in pseudoprotic ionic liquids and related solutions

03-Jul-2018 | Mark N. Kobrak; Kevin G. Yager, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

We report the results of X-ray scattering, physical, and spectroscopic measurements on a series of water-saturated trialkylamine/carboxylic acid mixtures. The results demonstrate the existence of well-defined nanoscale structures in bulk liquid mixtures at specific acid : amine ratios. These ...


Rapid pretreatment of Miscanthus using the low-cost ionic liquid triethylammonium hydrogen sulfate at elevated temperatures

03-Jul-2018 | Florence J. V. Gschwend; Francisco Malaret; Somnath Shinde; Agnieszka Brandt-Talbot; Jason P. Hallett, Green Chemistry, 2018

Deconstruction with low-cost ionic liquids (ionoSolv) is a promising method to pre-condition lignocellulosic biomass for the production of renewable fuels, materials and chemicals. This study investigated process intensification strategies for ionoSolv pretreatment of Miscanthus × giganteus with ...


Selective catalytic tailoring of the H unit in herbaceous lignin for methyl p-hydroxycinnamate production over metal-based ionic liquids

26-Jun-2018 | Zhangmin Li; Zhenping Cai; Qiang Zeng; Tian Zhang; Liam John France; Changhua Song; Yaqin Zhang; Hongyan He; Lilong ..., Green Chemistry, 2018

Selectively valorize lignin to high value and commodity chemicals is attracting increasing attention. In this work, an efficient and reusable metal-based ionic liquid (MBIL) was developed for the selective tailoring of p-coumaric acid ester (pCA), a typical p-hydroxyphenyl (H) unit, into methyl ...


Thermodynamics of ionic liquid evaporation under vacuum

26-Jun-2018 | Shohei Horike; Masato Ayano; Masahiro Tsuno; Tatsuya Fukushima; Yasuko Koshiba; Masahiro Misaki; Kenji Ishida, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

The low volatility of ionic liquids (ILs) is one of their most interesting physico-chemical properties; however, the general understanding of their evaporation dynamics under vacuum is still lagging. Here, we studied the thermodynamics of IL evaporation by employing thermogravimetry (TG) ...


Electrocatalytic studies on imidazolium based ionic liquids: defining experimental conditions

26-Jun-2018 | Miguel Angel Montiel; Jose Solla-Gullon; Vicente Montiel; Carlos Sanchez-Sanchez, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

The number of publications devoted to study electrochemical reactions in room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) is constantly growing, but very few of them have been devoted to define proper experimental conditions to obtain reproducible electrochemical results. In this work, we demonstrate that ...


Cocrystal formation by ionic liquid-assisted grinding: case study with cocrystals of caffeine

26-Jun-2018 | Arijit Mukherjee; Robin D. Rogers; A. S. Myerson, CrystEngComm, 2018

Liquid assisted grinding using imidazolium-based ionic liquids (IL-AG) was found to be effective in isolation of cocrystals and cocrystal polymorphs. Isolation of specific polymorphs of caffeine–citric acid (CAF–CA) and caffeine–glutaric acid (CAF–GLU) cocrystals highlights the tunability of ILs ...


Trihalide ionic liquids as non-volatile oxidizing solvents for metals

26-Jun-2018 | Arne Van den Bossche; Elise De Witte; Wim Dehaen; Koen Binnemans, Green Chemistry, 2018

Various ionic liquids containing a trihalide anion [X3]- (X = Cl, Br or I) were synthesized by addition of molecular chlorine, bromine or iodine (X2) to a halide ionic liquid precursor, forming the trihalide anion via a Lewis acid-base reaction. All ionic liquids were characterized by 1H NMR, 13C ...


On the non-innocence of the imidazolium cation in a rapid microwave synthesis of oleylamine-capped gold nanoparticles in an ionic liquid

26-Jun-2018 | Nakara Bhawawet; Jeremy B. Essner; Jerry L. Atwood; Gary A. Baker, Chemical Communication, 2018

We report a very fast (10–30 s) microwave method to prepare oleylamine-capped, monodisperse ca. 8–11 nm gold nanoparticles in an ionic liquid. A pyrrolidinium-based ionic liquid proved an excellent medium for the task whereas, despite their popularity in nanosynthesis, imidazolium ionic liquids ...


New ionic liquids based on systemic acquired resistance inducers combined with the phytotoxicity reducing cholinium cation

26-Jun-2018 | R. Kukawka; P. Czerwoniec; P. Lewandowski; H. Pospieszny; M. Smiglak, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

Systemic acquired resistance (SAR) is one of the most promising ways to support plants in the fight against viruses. Using this approach biological or chemical factors interact with plants and stimulate their immune system against infections before infection occurs. This paper presents synthesis, ...


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