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Electrochemical Generation of Thin Silica Films with Hierarchical Porosity

01-Jun-2010 | Mathieu Etienne; Sébastien Sallard; Michael Schröder; Yann Guillemin; Simone Mascotto; Bernd M. Smarsly; ..., Chemistry of Materials, 2010

Thin films with combined macropores (∼100 nm) and mesopores (∼3 nm) can be prepared by the electro-assisted deposition of a mesoporous silica material inside a polystyrene bead assembly. The filling of voids between the polystyrene beads template strongly depends on the deposition time, as ...


Determination of the variation of environmental radiation due to the ground deposition of atmospheric 222Rn decay products during rainfall: utilization of the correlation between the variations observed at neighboring monitoring posts

26-Mar-2010 | M. Takeyasu, T. Onuma, M. Takeishi, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 2010

The increase of environmental radiation dose rate during rainfall at environmental monitoring posts (MPs) was calculated by using the correlation relationship with the dose rate at the neighboring MP. The calculated dose rate agreed with the observed one within less than 20% of the maximum ...


Use of xenon in medicine

25-Jan-2010 | V. N. Potapov, I. P. Kolesova, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, 2010

Results are provided for clinical testing of xenon produced under the trade mark XeMed. Production conditions are developed for manufacturing twelve respiratory treatment gas mixtures based on xenon, oxygen, argon, helium, nitrogen, krypton, and other gases.


Dependence of equilibrium xenon and krypton absorption in oil on temperature

25-Jan-2010 | A. V. Potapov, I. A. Arkharov, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, 2010

An analysis has been made of a large number of studies on the dependence of absorption of inert gases on solvent temperature, where extensive experimental data were obtained for such media as water and solutions of salts, the study of the properties of which is of great practical and scientific ...


Study of equilibrium absorption of inert gases in water-emulsion solvents in relation to their fat content

25-Jan-2010 | A. V. Potapov, I. A. Arkharov, A. A. Aleksandrov, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, 2010

The effect of solvent fat content on absorption properties of krypton, xenon, and neon is studied by experiment.


Molecular simulation of gas hydrate nanoclusters in water shell: Structure and phase transitions

11-Nov-2009 | E. N. Brodskaya, V. V. Sizov, Colloid Journal, 2009

Gas hydrate nanoclusters surrounded by water shells are studied by the molecular dynamic method. Hydrates of methane (sI structures) and krypton (sII structures), as well an ice nanocluster in a supercooled water shell, are considered. The main attention was focused on studying the local ...


The Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity Coefficients for Dense Gaseous and Liquid Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen

29-Oct-2009 | Hanley, H. J. M.; McCarty, R. D.; Haynes, W. M., Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data, 2009

Data for the viscosity and thermal conductivity coefficients of argon, nitrogen, and oxygen have been critically evaluated. A functional form to represent the data has been proposed. The function is basically the same for both coefficients. The critical point enhancement in the thermal ...


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