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Determination of Krypton Diffusion Coefficients in Uranium Dioxide Using Atomic Scale Calculations

16-Dec-2016 | Emerson Vathonne; David A. Andersson; Michel Freyss; Romain Perriot; Michael W. D. Cooper; Christopher R. Stanek; Ma ..., Inorganic Chemistry, 2016

We present a study of the diffusion of krypton in UO2 using atomic scale calculations combined with diffusion models adapted to the system studied. The migration barriers of the elementary mechanisms for interstitial or vacancy assisted migration are calculated in the DFT+U framework using the ...


Theoretical and experimental investigation of Electron Transfer Mediated Decay in ArKr clusters

16-Oct-2016 | Author(s): Elke Fasshauer, Marko Förstel, Melanie Mucke, Tiberiu Arion, Uwe Hergenhahn, Chemical Physics, 2016

Publication date: Available online 17 September 2016 Source:Chemical Physics Author(s): Elke Fasshauer, Marko Förstel, Melanie Mucke, Tiberiu Arion, Uwe Hergenhahn We investigate the electronic decay of an Ar 3 s - 1 vacancy in medium sized ArKr clusters. The only ...


Gas-Tracer Experiment for Evaluating the Fate of Methane in a Coastal Plain Stream: Degassing versus in-Stream Oxidation

15-Sep-2016 | Victor M. Heilweil; D. Kip Solomon; Thomas H. Darrah; Troy E. Gilmore; David P. Genereux, Environmental Science & Technology, 2016

Methane emissions from streams and rivers have recently been recognized as an important component of global greenhouse budgets. Stream methane is lost as evasion to the atmosphere or in-stream methane oxidation. Previous studies have quantified evasion and oxidation with point-scale measurements. ...


Charge state distribution studies of pure and oxygen mixed krypton ECR plasma ‐ signature of isotope anomaly and gas mixing effect

24-Aug-2016 | Pravin Kumar, Kedar Mal, G Rodrigues, Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 2016

We report the charge state distributions of the pure, 25% and 50% oxygen mixed krypton plasma to shed more light on the understanding of the gas‐mixing and the isotope anomaly [A. G. Drentje, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 63 (1992) 2875 and Y Kawai, D Meyer, A Nadzeyka, U Wolters and K Wiesemann, Plasma ...


Noria: A Highly Xe‐Selective Nanoporous Organic Solid

05-Jul-2016 | Rahul S. Patil, Debasis Banerjee, Cory M. Simon, Jerry L. Atwood, Praveen K. Thallapally, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2016

Abstract Separation of xenon and krypton is of industrial and environmental concern; the existing technologies use cryogenic distillation. Thus, a cost‐effective, alternative technology for the separation of Xe and Kr and their capture from air is of significant importance. Herein, we report ...


Rotationally Resolved Vacuum Ultraviolet Resonance-Enhanced Multiphoton Ionization (VUV REMPI) of Acetylene via the G̃ Rydberg State

28-Apr-2016 | Alice F. Schmidt-May; Monika Grütter; Jannis Neugebohren; T. N. Kitsopoulos; Alec M. Wodtke; Dan J. Harding, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2016

We present a 1 + 1′ resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization (REMPI) scheme for acetylene via the linear G̃ 4sσ 1Πu Rydberg state, offering partial rotational resolution and the possibility to detect excitation in both the cis- and trans-bending modes. The resonant transition to the G̃ state is ...


Structure and properties of the radiation-induced intermediates produced from HCN in noble gas matrices

24-Apr-2016 | Author(s): Svetlana V. Kameneva, Daniil A. Tyurin, Vladimir I. Feldman, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2016

Publication date: July 2016 Source:Radiation Physics and Chemistry, Volume 124 Author(s): Svetlana V. Kameneva, Daniil A. Tyurin, Vladimir I. Feldman In this work we report the results of systematic studies on the radiation-induced transformations in HCN/Ng systems (Ng=Ne, Ar, Kr or ...


Ultratrace analysis of krypton isotopes by Resonant Ionization Spectroscopy-Time of Flight mass spectrometry (RIS-TOF)

02-Mar-2016 | Eric Gilabert; Bernard Lavielle; Bertrand Thomas; Sylvain Topin; Fabien POINTURIER; Christophe Moulin, Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 2016

A new RIS-TOF instrument, called FAKIR (Facility for Analyzing Krypton Isotope Ratios), has been developed at CENBG in order to measure Kr isotope ratios with an extremely high sensitivity. The instrument uses a single color Kr ionization scheme with tunable coherent UV photons near 216.6 nm. A ...


Krypton Derivatization of an O2‐Tolerant Membrane‐Bound [NiFe] Hydrogenase Reveals a Hydrophobic Tunnel Network for Gas Transport

23-Feb-2016 | Jacqueline Kalms, Andrea Schmidt, Stefan Frielingsdorf, Peter van der Linden, David von Stetten, Oliver Lenz, Philip ..., Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2016

Abstract [NiFe] hydrogenases are metalloenzymes catalyzing the reversible heterolytic cleavage of hydrogen into protons and electrons. Gas tunnels make the deeply buried active site accessible to substrates and inhibitors. Understanding the architecture and function of the tunnels is pivotal ...


Self-Associating Behavior of Acetone in Liquid Krypton

03-Feb-2016 | Liene I. De Beuckeleer; Wouter A. Herrebout, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2016

Acetone molecules are inclined to self-associate through dipole–dipole interactions because of their large dipole moment. Infrared spectroscopy of compounds dissolved in liquid noble gases supported by high level ab initio calculations allows investigating the self-associating behavior and ...


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