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Catalytic Partial Oxidation. Part I. Catalytic Processes to Convert Methane: Partial or Total Oxidation

02-Nov-2004 | Marie-Françoise Reyniers, Carlo R. H. de Smet, P. Govind Menon, Guy B. Marin, CATTECH, 2004

The presence of large reserves of natural gas has stimulated research to utilize methane, its principal component, as an alternative energy source and to convert it to other fuels and industrially important chemicals. The reserves of natural gas in the world are estimated to be 1.4 × 1014 Nm3, ...


The Synthesis of 2-Substituted 3-Dimethylaminopropenoates and Related Compounds and Their Application to the Synthesis of Heterocyclic Systems

19-Feb-2004 | Branko Stanovnik, Molecules Online, 2004

The use of N,N-dimethylforamide dimethyl acetal (DMFDMA) and t-butoxybis(dimethylamino)methane in the synthesis of 2-substituted 3-dimethylaminopropenoates and related compounds, as well as their applicability to the synthesis of various heterocyclic systems is shown. Content Type ...


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