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Sensors, Vol. 16, Pages 2196: Nondestructive In Situ Measurement Method for Kernel Moisture Content in Corn Ear

20-Dec-2016 | Zhang, Han-Lin ; Ma, Qin ; Fan, Li-Feng ; Zhao, Peng-Fei ; Wang, Jian-Xu ; Zhang, Xiao-Dong ; Zhu, De-Hai ; Huang, L ..., Sensors, 2016

Moisture content is an important factor in corn breeding and cultivation. A corn breed with low moisture at harvest is beneficial for mechanical operations, reduces drying and storage costs after harvesting and, thus, reduces energy consumption. Nondestructive measurement of kernel moisture in an ...


Sensors, Vol. 13, Pages 10725-10748: Assessing Temporal Stability for Coarse Scale Satellite Moisture Validation in the Maqu Area, Tibet

16-Aug-2013 | Bhatti, Haris Akram; Rientjes, Tom ; Verhoef, Wouter ; Yaseen, Muhammad, Sensors, 2013

This study evaluates if the temporal stability concept is applicable to a time series of satellite soil moisture images so to extend the common procedure of satellite image validation. The area of study is the Maqu area, which is located in the northeastern part of the Tibetan plateau. The ...


A Capacitance Sensor for Water: Trace Moisture Measurement in Gases and Organic Solvents

27-Sep-2012 | Shin-Ichi Ohira; Kayoko Goto; Kei Toda; Purnendu K. Dasgupta, Analytical Chemistry, 2012

The determination of water in various matrices is one of the most important analytical measurements. We report on a high-resolution capacitance-based moisture sensor utilizing a thin film of a perfluorosulfonate ionomer (PFSI)–H3PO4 composite in a flow-through configuration, for both gas and ...


Efficacy of Fresh and Dried Egg White on Inhibition of Oil Absorption during Deep Fat Frying

17-Jul-2012 | Andrew S. Myers, Robert G. Brannan, Journal of Food Quality, 2012

Abstract The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that less than 35% of daily calories be contributed from fat. In fried foods, up to 75% of calories can be from fat. This study was undertaken to determine if oil absorption during frying could be inhibited in breaded chicken patties that ...


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