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Hot Electron Generation and Cathodoluminescence Nanoscopy of Chiral Split Ring Resonators

28-Jul-2016 | Yurui Fang; Ruggero Verre; Lei Shao; Peter Nordlander; Mikael Käll, Nano Letters, 2016

Three-dimensional chiral plasmonic nanostructures have been shown to be able to dramatically boost photon-spin selective light-matter interactions, potentially leading to novel photonics, molecular spectroscopy, and light-harvesting applications based on circularly polarized light. Here, we show ...


Frequency comb generation in the green using silicon nitride microresonators

23-Jun-2016 | Leiran Wang, Lin Chang, Nicolas Volet, Martin H. P. Pfeiffer, Michael Zervas, Hairun Guo, Tobias J. Kippenberg, John ..., Laser & Photonics Reviews, 2016

Abstract Optical frequency combs enable precision measurements in fundamental physics and have been applied to a growing number of applications, such as molecular spectroscopy, LIDAR and atmospheric trace‐gas sensing. In recent years, the generation of frequency combs has been demonstrated in ...


IJMS, Vol. 17, Pages 720: Gene-Silencing-Induced Changes in Carbohydrate Conformation in Relation to Bioenergy Value and Carbohydrate Subfractions in Modeled Plant (Medicago sativa) with Down-Regulation of HB12 and TT8 Transcription Factors

13-May-2016 | Li, Xinxin ; Hannoufa, Abdelali ; Zhang, Yonggen ; Yu, Peiqiang, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2016

Gene silencing with RNA interference (RNAi) technology may be capable of modifying internal structure at a molecular level. This structural modification could affect biofunctions in terms of biodegradation, biochemical metabolism, and bioactive compound availability. The objectives of this study ...


X‐ray Excited Optical Fluorescence and Diffraction Imaging of Reactivity and Crystallinity in a Zeolite Crystal: Crystallography and Molecular Spectroscopy in One

04-May-2016 | Zoran Ristanović, Jan P. Hofmann, Marie‐Ingrid Richard, Tao Jiang, Gilbert A. Chahine, Tobias U. Schülli, Florian Me ..., Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2016

Abstract Structure–activity relationships in heterogeneous catalysis are challenging to be measured on a single‐particle level. For the first time, one X‐ray beam is used to determine the crystallographic structure and reactivity of a single zeolite crystal. The method generates μm‐resolved ...


Molecular Modeling of Water Interfaces: From Molecular Spectroscopy to Thermodynamics

08-Apr-2016 | Yuki Nagata; Tatsuhiko Ohto; Ellen H. G. Backus; Mischa Bonn, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2016

Understanding aqueous interfaces at the molecular level is not only fundamentally important, but also highly relevant for a variety of disciplines. For instance, electrode–water interfaces are relevant for electrochemistry, as are mineral–water interfaces for geochemistry and air–water interfaces ...


Mid-infrared optical parametric oscillators and frequency combs for molecular spectroscopy

20-Jan-2016 | Lauri Halonen; Markku Mikael Vainio, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016

Nonlinear optical frequency conversion is one of the most versatile methods to generate wavelength-tunable laser light in the mid-infrared region. This spectral region is particularly important for trace gas detection and other applications of molecular spectroscopy, because it accommodates the ...


Quantum optics, molecular spectroscopy and low-temperature spectroscopy: general discussion

09-Dec-2015 | Michel Orrit; Geraint Evans; Thorben Cordes; Irena Kratochvilova; William Moerner; Lisa-Maria Needham; Sergey Sekats ..., Faraday Discussions, 2015

Faraday Discuss., 2015, Advance ArticleDOI: 10.1039/C5FD90088C, Discussion Michel Orrit, Geraint Evans, Thorben Cordes, Irena Kratochvilova, William Moerner, Lisa-Maria Needham, Sergey Sekatskii, Yuri Vainer, Sanli Faez, Vlatko Vedral, Himangshu Prabal Goswami, Alex Clark, Alfred J. Meixner, ...


Generation of stationary [small pi]-electron rotations in chiral aromatic ring molecules having non-degenerate excited states

01-Dec-2015 | Yuichi Fujimura; Yamaki Masahiro; Yoshiaki Teranishi; Hiroki Nakamura; Sheng Hsien Lin, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

Electron angular momentum is a fundamental quantity of high-symmetry aromatic ring molecules and has many applications to chemistry such as molecular spectroscopy. Stationary angular momentum or unidirectional rotation of π electrons is generated by excitation of a degenerated electronic excited ...


Concepts in Bio-molecular Spectroscopy: Vibrational Case Studies on Metalloenzymes

24-Jun-2015 | Marius Horch; Peter Hildebrandt; Ingo Zebger, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

Spectroscopic techniques play a major role in the elucidation of structure-function relationships of biological macromolecules. Here we describe an integrated approach for bio-molecular spectroscopy that takes into account the special characteristics of such compounds. The underlying fundamental ...


Beyond Local Group Modes in Vibrational Sum Frequency Generation

30-Mar-2015 | Hilary M. Chase; Brian T. Psciuk; Benjamin L. Strick; Regan J. Thomson; Victor S. Batista; Franz M. Geiger, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2015

We combine deuterium labeling, density functional theory calculations, and experimental vibrational sum frequency generation spectroscopy into a form of “counterfactual-enabled molecular spectroscopy” for producing reliable vibrational mode assignments in situations where local group mode ...


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