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Nitrogen determination by SEM‐EDS and elemental analysis

23-May-2013 | M.F. Gazulla, M. Rodrigo, E. Blasco, M. Orduña, X-Ray Spectrometry, 2013

This paper describes a methodology for the analysis of nitrogen by scanning electron microscope with an energy dispersive X‐ray spectrometer (SEM‐EDS). The methodology was developed to have a rapid and accurate alternative method to the elemental analysis by combustion and thermoconductivity ...


A Review of Selected Inorganic Surface Water Quality-Monitoring Practices: Are We Really Measuring What We Think, and If So, Are We Doing It Right?

01-Mar-2013 | Arthur J. Horowitz, Environmental Science & Technology, 2013

Successful environmental/water quality-monitoring programs usually require a balance between analytical capabilities, the collection and preservation of representative samples, and available financial/personnel resources. Due to current economic conditions, monitoring programs are under ...


Lumas-30 time-of-flight mass spectrometer with pulsed glow discharge for direct determination of nitrogen in steel

21-Dec-2011 | A. A. Ganeev, A. R. Gubal’, V. I. Mosichev, N. V. Pershin, S. N. Petrov, S. V. Potapov, K. N. Uskov, Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 2011

The problem of quantitative determination of nitrogen in steel has become one of the main tasks in modern metallurgy due to the intensive use of nitrogen as an alloy additive. The presence of such additives is known to improve a number of steel characteristics (corrosion resistance, nonmagnetic ...


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