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A Printed Equilibrium Dialysis Device with Integrated Membranes for Improved Binding Affinity Measurements

06-Jul-2017 | Cody W. Pinger; Andrew A. Heller; Dana M. Spence, Analytical Chemistry, 2017

Equilibrium dialysis is a simple and effective technique used for investigating the binding of small molecules and ions to proteins. A three-dimensional (3D) printer was used to create a device capable of measuring binding constants between a protein and a small ion based on equilibrium dialysis. ...


RNA-Friendly Plasmid Preparation

01-Feb-2013 | Nilsen, T. W., CSH Protocols, 2013

With the advent of miniprep kits for the preparation of plasmids, we have noticed that many investigators use plasmids prepared by these methods as transcription templates or for cell transfection experiments. This can be quite problematic because miniprep (or maxiprep) DNA can often be ...


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