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Sustainable terpene-based polyamides via anionic polymerization of a pinene-derived lactam

23-Jan-2018 | Malte Winnacker; Jacob Sag, Chemical Communication, 2018

A sustainable lactam, which is derived from the renewable terpene β-pinene, is converted to polyamides via a convenient anionic ring-opening polymerization (ROP), which can be easily handled without the use of a costly catalyst. The resulting polyamides have prosperous thermal properties, which ...


Effect of the isothermal crystallization method on amorphous block copolymers of aromatic polyamides and their packing behavior in two‐dimensional films for screening of potential crystallization ability

20-Dec-2017 | Yusaku Shidara, Takeru Yunoki, Shuntaro Miura, Yuji Shibasaki, Atsuhiro Fujimori, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2017

The crystalline packing of polymers with high tendencies to form amorphous materials has been attained by controlling intermolecular interactions. Block copolymers of aromatic polyamides in which hydrogen‐bonding moieties are sparing and mostly substituted easily form amorphous materials because ...


Synthesis and properties of polyamides from 2,5‐furandicarboxylic acid

26-Oct-2017 | Thibault Cousin, Jocelyne Galy, Alain Rousseau, Jérôme Dupuy, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2017

ABSTRACT The aim of this study is to investigate the synthesis of 2,5‐furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA)‐based copolyamides. Indeed, FDCA monomer may be a potential bio‐based alternative to phthalic acids. A series of polyamides and copolyamides, PA 6‐I(x)/6‐F(y), are synthesized in a pilot scale ...


Facile Polymerization of Water and Triple-Bond Based Monomers toward Functional Polyamides

18-Oct-2017 | Jie Zhang; Wenjie Wang; Yong Liu; Jing Zhi Sun; Anjun Qin; Ben Zhong Tang, Macromolecules, 2017

Water is an abundant, natural, and sustainable resource. However, it has not been used as a monomer for the construction of polymers. In this paper, we take this challenge and develop a new polymerization of water and triple-bond based monomers of isocyanides and bromoalkynes, and polyamides with ...


Synthesis and Study of Organosoluble Aromatic Cardo (co)polyamides and Their Application in the Optical Fiber Primary Coating Technology

06-Oct-2017 | Dmitriy A. Sapozhnikov, Bato A. Bayminov, Nadezhda A. Popova, Olesya N. Zabegaeva, Diana D. Alekseyeva, Sergey L. Se ..., Macromolecular Symposia, 2017

A series of organosoluble aromatic cardo copolyamides (PA) with chlorine and carboxylic side groups has been synthesised by low‐temperature polycondensation in N‐methyl‐2‐pyrrolidone (N‐MP) solution and their properties have been estimated. The obtained polymers are differed in high molar ...


The effect of furan molecular units on the glass transition and thermal degradation temperatures of polyamides

21-Jul-2017 | LaShonda T. Cureton, Eugene Napadensky, Christopher Annunziato, John J. La Scala, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2017

ABSTRACT Interfacial polymerization is used to prepare biobased furan polyamides from the carbohydrate‐derived monomer, 2,5‐furan dicarboxylic acid, aromatic diamines, and varying chain length aliphatic diamines. The molecular weights of the furan polyamides variations range 10,000–70,000 ...


Examples of Xylochemistry: Colorants and Polymers

19-Jul-2017 | Jonas Kühlborn; Ann-Kathrin Danner; Holger Frey; Rishab Iyer; Anthony J Arduengo; Till Opatz, Green Chemistry, 2017

Against the backdrop of modern sustainable chemistry and valorization of biomass for chemical raw materials, the syntheses of indigo dyes and polyamides as representatives of two classes of everyday chemical products based on xylochemicals are described. Wood-derived starting materials were ...


Materials, Vol. 10, Pages 784: Recent Developments in Organophosphorus Flame Retardants Containing P-C Bond and Their Applications

11-Jul-2017 | Wendels, Sophie ; Chavez, Thiebault ; Bonnet, Martin ; Salmeia, Khalifah A.; Gaan, Sabyasachi, Materials, 2017

Organophosphorus compounds containing P-C bonds are increasingly developed as flame retardant additives due to their excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability and ease of synthesis. The latest development (since 2010) in organophosphorus flame retardants containing P-C bonds summarized in this ...


Mechanochemical Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Aromatic Polyamides

06-Jun-2017 | Yang Yang; Fan-Xing Bu; Jingjing Liu; Imran Shakir; Yuxi Xu, Chemical Communication, 2017

Two-dimensional (2D) polymers are usually high-aspect-ratio networks which consist of covalently linked areal repeat units with long-range order. Herein we report a facile mechanochemical synthesis of 2D aromatic polyamides (2DAPAs) under solvent-free and room temperature conditions. This is the ...


Application of permselective poly(ε‐caprolactone) film for equilibrium‐modified atmosphere packaging of strawberry in cold storage

29-Mar-2017 | Xueyan Yun, Yu Wang, Mengting Li, Ye Jin, Yumei Han, Tungalag Dong, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2017

Abstract The uniaxial‐stretched poly(ε‐caprolactone) (PCL) films were prepared by a twin‐screw extruder. PCL1 and PCL2 with different thickness about 27 and 46 µm, respectively, wereused for equilibrium‐modified atmosphere packaging of strawberries at 5°C. The permselectivity were evaluated ...


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