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Erratum to: “Synthesis of Optically Active Polymers Using P-Chiral Bisphosphines as Anionic Initiators”

05-May-2010 | Y. Morisaki, K. Saito, H. Imoto, K. Suzuki, Y. Ouchi, Y. Chujo, Polymer Science Series A, 2010

Erratum to: “Synthesis of Optically Active Polymers Using P-Chiral Bisphosphines as Anionic Initiators” Content Type Journal Article DOI 10.1134/S0965545X10040176 Authors Y. Morisaki, Kyoto University Department of Polymer Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering Katsura, Nishikyo-ku ...


Synthesis, extrusion and rheological behaviour of PU/HA composites for biomedical applications

20-Apr-2010 | H. B. Machado, Rui N. Correia, J. A. Covas, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 2010

Biostable polyurethane/hydroxyapatite (PU/HA) composites with potential application as bone replacement materials were synthesized in bulk and processed in a screw extruder. The polyurethanes (PU) were prepared by reacting an aliphatic diisocyanate, 4-methylene-bis-diisocyanate (MDI), with ...


New Methodologies for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage: Micellar Solutions, Microemulsions, and Hydroxide Nanoparticles

05-Mar-2010 | Rodorico Giorgi; Michele Baglioni; Debora Berti; Piero Baglioni, Accounts of Chemical Research, 2010

Modern civilization's inherited artworks have a powerful impact on society, from political, sociological, and anthropological points of view, so the conservation of our Cultural Heritage is fundamental for conveying to future generations our culture, traditions, and ways of thinking and behaving. ...


Study of transition metal complexes as curing accelerators for anaerobic adhesives

01-Oct-2007 | A. F. Murokh, D. A. Aronovich, A. P. Sineokov, Polymer Science Series C, 2007

Reported are the results of studying the influence of the composition of the complexes of transition metal salts with crown ethers on the kinetics of the curing of anaerobic adhesives developed in Kargin Research Institute of Polymer Chemistry and Technology. It is established that the use of ...


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