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Development of acrylic‐based powder coatings with incorporation of montmorillonite clays

13-Mar-2017 | Gilmar Antônio Santa Catarina, Cleide Borsoi, Daiane Romanzini, Diego Piazza, Sandra Raquel Kunst, Lisete Cristine S ..., Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2017

ABSTRACT Powder coatings have been receiving attention because they are environmentally friendly. They do not contain solvents in their composition, and their components have decorative and corrosion‐protection functions, among many others. However, the presence of polymers in their ...


Corrosion and wear behavior of alumina‐polyester nanocomposite coatings

28-Sep-2016 | A. Golgoon, M. Aliofkhazraei, M. Toorani, M.H. Moradi, A. Sabour Rouhaghdam, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2016

The corrosion and wear behavior of powder coatings fabricated by the electrostatic method was investigated in this study. Pure polyester coating and fabricated nanocomposite powder coating with 10 and 20 mass.% alumina nanoparticles were coated with electrostatic spraying method on the surfaces ...


Epoxy resin‐based ultrafine dry powder coatings for implants

10-Jun-2016 | Nicholas Y. Hou, Jesse Zhu, Hui Zhang, Hiran Perinpanayagam, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2016

ABSTRACT Ultrafine dry powder coating technology creates biocompatible polymeric coatings for implants. Nanoparticles (nTiO2) modify flow to prevent agglomeration and create homogenous coatings. Since polyester‐based coatings require the potentially harmful 1,3,5‐triglycidyl isocyanurate ...


Preparation and characteristics of polyacrylic ester‐based water‐free powder coatings in supercritical carbon dioxide

09-Jun-2015 | Ren‐dang Yang, Zheng Cheng, Guo‐wei Chen, Fei Yang, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT Powder coating for dry coating technique of paper as the promising method has attracted more and more attentions in recent years due to its advantages in reducing the dosage of water and saving energy compared with conventional coating. This study focused on the in situ polymerization ...


Separation of Powder Mixtures during Electrostatic and Nonelectrostatic Coating

27-Aug-2013 | Teerarat Likitwattanasade, Sheryl A. Barringer, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2013

Abstract Powder separation causes uneven flavor and color on coated food products. Understanding the basis behind separation is needed to decrease separation. NaCl, starch, protein, sugar and mixtures of pairs of those powders were coated nonelectrostatically and electrostatically. Separation ...


Alumina and Yttria Powder and Yttria Coatings Made by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis

12-Feb-2013 | Alexandre Santos Abreu, Matthias Knoll, Judith Moosburger‐Will, Armin Konrad, Reinhard Tidecks, Siegfried Horn, Chemical Vapor Deposition, 2013

Abstract Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis is used to produce metal oxide powders (alumina, yttria, and mixtures of these) from nitrate precursors at temperatures below 500 °C. Moreover, yttria powder coatings on soda‐lime glass and fused silica substrates are generated. The as‐prepared powders and ...


A new smart coating of polyaniline–SiO2 composite for protection of mild steel against corrosion in strong acidic medium

12-Dec-2012 | Anoop Kumar S, Hema Bhandari, Chandrica Sharma, Fehmeeda Khatoon, Sundeep K Dhawan, Polymer International, 2012

Abstract Organic coating approaches for corrosion protection with inherently conducting polymers have become important because of restriction on the use of heavy metals and chromates in coatings due to their environmental problems. The present work is directed towards the synthesis of ...


Formation of stable nanostructured phases in plasma-jet-treated Ni-Cr powder coatings

08-Aug-2012 | D. L. Alontseva, S. N. Bratushka, M. V. Il’yashenko, N. A. Makhmudov, N. V. Prokhorenkova, E. L. Onanchenko, A. I. N ..., The Physics of Metals and Metallography, 2012

Samples of steel St3 with Ni-Cr-B-Si-Fe coatings deposited using a plasma jet with subsequent partial melting of the coatings by a plasma jet have been investigated for the first time using the methods of Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray fluorescence ...


Examination of the Enzyme Resistance of Polyurethane Powder Coatings

04-Aug-2012 | Barbara Pilch-Pitera, Journal of Polymers and the Environment, 2012

Polyurethanes powder lacquers were obtained in a reaction hydroxy terminated polyester resin RUCOTE 102 and blocked polyisocyanate crosslinkers. The polyisocyanates were synthesized using alicyclic diisocyanates (IPDI and H12MDI) and monohydric aliphatic alcohols as well as dibutyltin dilaurate ...


Dual layer structural thermoplastic polyester powder coating film and its weathering resistance

30-Jul-2012 | Yukitoshi Takeshita, Takuya Kamisho, Seizo Sakata, Takashi Sawada, Yoshikazu Watanuki, Ryuichi Nishio, Toshinobu Ueda, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2012

Abstract Micro FTIR analysis was performed to the point with a 50–80 μm spatial resolution to verify the exact structure of a new blend thermoplastic powder coating film. Resistance to certain artificially accelerated conditions and actual outdoor exposure were examined to confirm the ...


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