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Spectral Quasi-Equilibrium Manifold for Chemical Kinetics

05-May-2016 | Mahdi Kooshkbaghi; Christos E. Frouzakis; Konstantinos Boulouchos; Iliya V. Karlin, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2016

The Spectral Quasi-Equilibrium Manifold (SQEM) method is a model reduction technique for chemical kinetics based on entropy maximization under constraints built by the slowest eigenvectors at equilibrium. The method is revisited here and discussed and validated through the Michaelis–Menten ...


Investigation of High-Temperature CO2 Capture by CaO in CaCl2 Molten Salt

28-Aug-2013 | Viktorija Tomkute; Asbjørn Solheim; Espen Olsen, Energy & Fuels, 2013

Modifications of CaO-based sorbents with various inorganic salts to overcome the degradation in the reactivity between the active material and CO2 in a carbon capture process have previously been evaluated. The present paper focuses on the performance of a novel CO2 capture technology, where ...


Highly Active, Thermally Stable, Ethylene‐Polymerisation Pre‐Catalysts Based on Niobium/TantalumImine Systems

16-May-2013 | Carl Redshaw, Mark Walton, Lucy Clowes, David L. Hughes, Anna‐Marie Fuller, Yimin Chao, Alex Walton, Victor Sumerin, ..., Chemistry - A European Journal, 2013

Abstract The reactions of MCl5 or MOCl3 with imidazole‐based pro‐ligand L1H, 3,5‐tBu2‐2‐OH‐C6H2‐(4,5‐Ph2‐1H‐)imidazole, or oxazole‐based ligand L2H, 3,5‐tBu2‐2‐OH‐C6H2(1H‐phenanthro[9,10‐d])oxazole, following work‐up, afforded octahedral complexes [MX(L1, 2)], where MX=NbCl4 (L1, 1 a; L2, ...


A New Look at of the β-pinene–Ozone Reaction Using the Static-Atmospheric Pressure Reactor

26-Nov-2012 | Fadel Alwedian, Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 2012

β-pinene-ozone reaction without a scavenger was performed for the first time, in the static bag atmospheric pressure reactor coupled into ion trap mass spectrometer. The diffusion coefficients and evolution times (t10-90%) of multiple fragments were used to characterize their neutral parent ions. ...


Deposition of Hexagonal Boron Nitride from N‐Trimethylborazine (TMB) for Continuous CVD Coating of SiBNC Fibers

05-Sep-2012 | Yaping Ye, Uta Graupner, Reinhard Krüger, Chemical Vapor Deposition, 2012

Abstract Bonding strength between fibers and matrices of ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) is of great importance for the fracture behavior and can be adjusted by appropriate fiber coatings. In this study, the continuous coating of SiBNC fibers with hexagonal boron nitride (h‐BN) by CVD from ...


Evidence Contrary to the Accepted Diels–Alder Mechanism in the Thermal Modification of Vegetable Oil

14-Jan-2012 | Mert Arca, Brajendra K. Sharma, Neil P. J. Price, Joseph M. Perez, Kenneth M. Doll, Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society, 2012

Abstract A fatty methyl ester product has been made using two routes. Soybean oil was thermally polymerized anaerobically without a catalyst at 330 °C and the material was then transesterified using base catalyst and methanol. Alternatively, a similar product can be obtained by heating methyl ...


Fe3O4@mesoporouspolyaniline: A Highly Efficient and Magnetically Separable Catalyst for Cross‐Coupling of Aryl Chlorides and Phenols

01-Jun-2011 | Arundhathi, R.; Damodara, D.; Likhar, Pravin R.; Kantam, M. Lakshmi; Saravanan, P.; Magdaleno, Travis; Kwon, Sun Hee, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2011

Abstract A high surface, magnetic Fe3O4@mesoporouspolyaniline core‐shell nanocomposite was synthesized from magnetic iron oxide (Fe3O4) nanoparticles and mesoporouspolyaniline (mPANI). The novel porous magnetic Fe3O4 was obtained by solvothermal method under sealed pressure reactor at high ...


Preparation of magnesium hydroxide from nitrate aqueous solution

17-May-2011 | Pavel Fellner, Ján Híveš, Vladimír Khandl, Milan Králik, Jana Jurišová, Tibor Liptaj, Ladislav Pach, Chemical Papers, 2011

Nucleation of Mg(OH)2 was investigated by measuring the electrical conductivity and pH of the Mg(NO3)2 reaction solution to which ammonia containing different amounts of NH4NO3 was added. NH4NO3 increases solubility and slows down precipitation of Mg(OH)2 in the system. Data are presented on the ...


Multiple Alkynes React with Ethylene To Enhance Carbon Nanotube Synthesis, Suggesting a Polymerization-like Formation Mechanism

28-Dec-2010 | Desirée L. Plata; Eric R. Meshot; Christopher M. Reddy; A. John Hart; Philip M. Gschwend, ACS Nano, 2010

Thermal treatments of feedstock gases (e.g., C2H4/H2) used during carbon nanotube (CNT) synthesis result in the formation of a complex mixture of volatile organic compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Some of these are likely important CNT precursors, while others are superfluous and ...


Red Mud as a Catalyst for the Upgrading of Hemp-Seed Pyrolysis Bio-oil

16-Dec-2010 | Elham Karimi; Cedric Briens; Franco Berruti; Sina Moloodi; Tommy Tzanetakis; Murray J. Thomson; Marcel Schlaf, Energy & Fuels, 2010

Hemp-seed pyrolysis bio-oil was upgraded in a batch laboratory-scale pressure reactor under 800 psi (cold) hydrogen gas at 350−365 °C using a non-alkaline, nontoxic FexOy/SiO2/TiO2 catalyst [reduced red mud (RRM)] obtained by the reduction of red mud with HOAc/HCCOH. The upgraded liquid obtained ...


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