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Steam Hydration of Calcium Oxide for Solid Sorbent Based CO2 Capture: Effects of Sintering and Fluidized Bed Reactor Behavior

12-Dec-2014 | Alan Wang; Niranjani Deshpande; L.-S. Fan, Energy & Fuels, 2014

This study reports on the hydration characteristics in the three-step carbonation–calcination reaction (CCR) process with intermediate steam hydration. Specifically, experimental results of sorbent reactivation in a fluidized bed steam hydration reactor are presented along with the effect of the ...


Metal recovery from end‐of‐life hydrotreating catalysts by selective precipitation: Laboratory tests and preliminary process analysis

11-Nov-2014 | Alessio Cibati, Francesca Pagnanelli, Luigi Toro, Environmental Progress, 2014

Hydrotreating catalysts (HTCs) are a waste byproduct of the petroleum refining industry. The recovery of intrinsic and sorbed metals from spent catalysts is desirable for meeting environmental disposal regulations, as well as for the metal resell value. In this study, innovative process schemes ...


Thermal Response of Transparent Silver Nanowire/PEDOT:PSS Film Heaters

22-Jul-2014 | Shulin Ji, Weiwei He, Ke Wang, Yunxia Ran, Changhui Ye, Small, 2014

Thermal response behavior of transparent silver nanowire/PEDOT:PSS film heaters are intensively studied for manipulating heating temperature, response time, and power consumption. Influences of substrate heat capacity, heat transfer coefficient between air and heater, sheet resistance and ...


Perspectives in process analysis

11-Sep-2013 | Rudolf W. Kessler, Journal of Chemometrics, 2013

Process analysis is a transdisciplinary technology. Process chemists, process engineers, chemometricians, and many other technologists must work together and put more emphasis on the essentials of science of each discipline. This perspective analyzes potential strategies for intelligent ...


Water Footprint Assessment for Wastewater Treatment: Method, Indicator, and Application

05-Jul-2013 | Ling Shao; G. Q. Chen, Environmental Science & Technology, 2013

The water footprint in terms of the sum of both direct and indirect water cost of wastewater treatment is for the first time accounted in this work. On the basis of the hybrid method as a combination of process analysis and input–output analysis, a detailed water footprint accounting procedure is ...


Osmotic Dehydration of Nectarines: Influence of the Operating Conditions and Determination of the Effective Diffusion Coefficients

20-Sep-2012 | M. M. Rodríguez, J. R. Arballo, L. A. Campañone, M. B. Cocconi, A. M. Pagano, R. H. Mascheroni, Food and Bioprocess Technology, 2012

The aim of the present work is to study the kinetics of osmotic dehydration of Caldesi nectarines (Prunus persica var. nectarina) evaluating the effect of osmotic solution concentration, type of solute, temperature, fruit/solute ratio and process time on moisture content, water loss, soluble ...


1H NMR Techniques for Characterization of Water Content and Viscosity of Fast Pyrolysis Oils

31-Jul-2012 | Franz Dalitz; Anna Steiwand; Klaus Raffelt; Hermann Nirschl; Gisela Guthausen, Energy & Fuels, 2012

The characteristics of various fast pyrolysis oils, based on diverse sources of biomass, were investigated. The studied pyrolysis oils were products of the Karlsruhe Bioliq process, supplemented by some purchased samples. The quantification of water content and viscosity of the samples were ...


Kinetic Evaluation of Removal of Odorous Contaminants in a Three-Stage Biological Air Filter

25-Jul-2012 | Dezhao Liu; Michael Jørgen Hansen; Lise Bonne Guldberg; Anders Feilberg, Environmental Science & Technology, 2012

Biofiltration is a cost-effective technology for removing air contaminants from animal facilities. Kinetic analysis can be helpful in understanding and designing the process but has not been performed on full-scale filters treating complex mixtures. In this study, kinetics was investigated in a ...


Comparison of different fluid dynamics in activated sludge system for the treatment of a stimulated milk processing wastewater: Process analysis and optimization

12-May-2012 | Ali Akbar Zinatizadeh Lorestani, Hojjatollah Bashiri, Azar Asadi, Hossein Bonakdari, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2012

Wastewater from the milk industry usually undergoes activated sludge ahead of refining treatments, final discharge or reuse. To identify the most effective bioreactor hydraulic regime for the secondary treatment of wastewater resulting from the milk industry in an activated sludge system, two ...


Algal Biomass Constituent Analysis: Method Uncertainties and Investigation of the Underlying Measuring Chemistries

08-Feb-2012 | Lieve M. L. Laurens; Thomas A. Dempster; Howland D. T. Jones; Edward J. Wolfrum; Stefanie Van Wychen; Jordan S. P. M ..., Analytical Chemistry, 2012

Algal biomass compositional analysis data form the basis of a large number of techno-economic process analysis models that are used to investigate and compare different processes in algal biofuels production. However, the analytical methods used to generate these data are far from standardized. ...


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