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Energies, Vol. 10, Pages 1236: Improving Tube Design of a Problematic Heat Exchanger for Enhanced Safety at Minimal Costs

21-Aug-2017 | Lee, In-Bok ; Park, Seunghee, Energies, 2017

Energies, Vol. 10, Pages 1236: Improving Tube Design of a Problematic Heat Exchanger for Enhanced Safety at Minimal Costs Energies doi: 10.3390/en10081236 Authors: In-Bok Lee Seunghee Park As part of a preliminary hazard analysis for a new phenol plant, the results of a hazard and ...


The influence of hydrophilic properties on the venting of foamy three phase systems

23-Jul-2013 | Henrik Leimeister, Jörg Steinbach, Process Safety Progress, 2013

The correct design of a safety valve or rupture disk can only be done if predictions on the venting behavior can be made. To date, those predictions have limitations with regard to foaming or highly viscous systems. An experimental study is presented that describes the influence of hydrophilic ...


The PSV That Did Not Fail—Misconceptions About PSVs

08-Feb-2013 | Emmanuelle Hagey, Process Safety Progress, 2013

Pressure relief devices generally represent the last line of defense for a pressure vessel in a chemical plant during abnormal situations. The article title comes from the numerous times the author heard that “a pressure safety device had failed” when the person making this statement was in ...


Numerical calculation and experimental validation of safety valve flows at pressures up to 600 bar

23-Dec-2010 | Beune, A.; Kuerten, J. G. M.; Schmidt, J., AIChE Journal, 2010

Abstract A numerical valve model has been validated to predict the discharge capacity in accordance to the requirements of valve sizing method EN ISO 4126‐1 and the opening characteristic of high‐pressure safety valves. The valve is modeled with computational fluid dynamics software ANSYS CFX, ...


A Computational Investigation on the Flow of Non‐Newtonian Polymers in Safety Valves

01-Nov-2010 | Moncalvo, D.; Friedel, L.; Jörgensen, B., Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2010

Abstract At the moment, very little knowledge is available about the flow of shear‐thinning media in safety valves. In this paper, the flow of aqueous solutions of polyvinylpyrrolidone with a zero‐shear viscosity between 0.3 and 3 Pa s in a LESER Type 441 DN 25/40 safety valve with a lift of ...


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