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American movers and shakers

11-Aug-2017 | Richard J. Murnane, Science , 2017

On 27 March 1964, a magnitude (M) 9.2 earthquake—the second strongest in recorded history-occurred near Prince William Sound in southern Alaska. The loss of life was relatively small-143 fatalities-but, as Henry Fountain reveals in The Great Quake, the disaster’s impact still looms large-both in ...


Movers, Shakers, and Storers of Charge: The Legacy of Ferroelectricians L. Eric Cross and Robert E. Newnham

08-Jun-2017 | Susan Trolier‐McKinstry, Clive A. Randall, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2017

Abstract The last 100 years has seen the burgeoning of the field of ferroelectrics from a scientific curiosity to the basis of major industries in capacitors, piezoelectrics, and electro‐optics. This paper will discuss the history of the field, with an emphasis on the contributions made by ...


Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 660: Accurate Determination of the Frequency Response Function of Submerged and Confined Structures by Using PZT-Patches†

22-Mar-2017 | Presas, Alexandre ; Valentin, David ; Egusquiza, Eduard ; Valero, Carme ; Egusquiza, Mònica ; Bossio, Matias, Sensors, 2017

To accurately determine the dynamic response of a structure is of relevant interest in many engineering applications. Particularly, it is of paramount importance to determine the Frequency Response Function (FRF) for structures subjected to dynamic loads in order to avoid resonance and fatigue ...


Core Concept: Tectonic tremors could offer insights into the big shakers [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences]

19-Jul-2016 | Danielle Venton, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2016

Early in 1995, an earthquake struck Japan measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale (1). The shaking lasted for 20 seconds. Asphalt roads looked like shattered peanut brittle and whole neighborhoods crumpled to the ground. Nearly 6,400 people lost their lives, and more than 300,000 people were left ...


[This Week in Science] Movers and shakers

17-Jul-2015 | H. Jesse Smith, Science , 2015

Author: H. Jesse Smith


This Week in Science

17-Jul-2013 | Science , 2013

Ionic Materials via Charged Clusters | Unexpected Magnetic Highway | One-Step Coverage | From Jawless to Jawed | Keeping the Inflammasome in Check | From Nasty to Tasty | Inward-Facing Antiporter | Avian Flu in Ferrets | Movers and Shakers | Cancer Hits a Nerve | Leprosy: Ancient and Modern | ...


Novel Approach to Improve Electronics Reliability in the Next Generation of US Army Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles Under Complex Vibration Conditions

10-Jan-2012 | Ed Habtour, Cholmin Choi, Michael Osterman, Abhijit Dasgupta, Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention, 2012

The functionality of next generation the US Army’s platforms, such as the Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles and Small Unmanned Arial Vehicles, is strongly dependent on the reliability of electronics-rich devices. Thus, the performance and accuracy of these systems will be dependent on the life-cycle ...


Symmetric Stretching Vibration of CH4 in Clathrate Hydrate Structures

04-Oct-2010 | Ohno, Hiroshi; Kida, Masato; Sakurai, Toshimitsu; Iizuka, Yoshinori; Hondoh, Takeo; Narita, Hideo; Nagao, Jiro, ChemPhysChem, 2010

Movers and shakers: Vibrational states of CH4 molecules encaged in three clathrate hydrate structures are studied (see picture). Guest methane distribution in the structure‐H 512 and 435663 host cavities is revealed for the first time. Raman profiles of the CH4 vibration are dependent not only on ...


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