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Production processes of iron oxides for soft ferrites

02-Dec-2008 | Masao Tsuzaki, Katashi Takaki, Fumiaki Yoshikawa, Masashi Nakamura, Tetsuo Kuriyama, Journal of Materials Engineering, 2008

The production techniques used in producing iron oxides from pickling liquors have become very important since the high grade soft ferrites are required in recent years. The chemical and physical characteristics of iron oxide, especially silicon and chloride contents and compressed and sintered ...


Atomistic simulation studies of complex carbon and silicon systems using environment-dependent tight-binding potentials

19-Nov-2008 | Cai-Zhuang Wang, Gun-Do Lee, Ju Li, Sidney Yip, Kai-Ming Ho, Scientific Modeling and Simulation, 2008

Atomistic simulation studies of complex carbon and silicon systems using environment-dependent tight-binding potentials Content Type Journal Article Pages 97-121 DOI 10.1007/s10820-008-9109-x Authors Cai-Zhuang Wang, Iowa State University Ames Laboratory-U.S. DOE and Department of ...


The effect of silicon on hyperfine structure and corrosion-electrochemical behavior of Fe-Cr alloys

09-Nov-2008 | O. V. Kasparova, Yu. V. Baldokhin, M. O. Anosova, Protection of Metals, 2008

The effect of silicon on the corrosion-electrochemical behavior of iron alloys containing 15, 20, and 25% chromium in a 1 N H2SO4 solution at room temperature is investigated. With the use of Mössbauer spectroscopy, the hyperfine magnetic and electronic structure of the alloys is studied. With ...


Adsorption properties of synthetic piceatannol

09-Nov-2008 | K. E. Polunin, P. N. Kolotilov, D. V. Dzardanov, A. V. Larin, I. A. Polunina, Protection of Metals, 2008

The adsorption isotherms of synthetic piceatannol (trans-3,5,3′,4′-tetrahydroxystilbene) from n-hexane-ethyl acetate at nanodispersed silicon, titanium, and aluminum oxides were measured under static conditions. The adsorption properties of piceatannol and other hydroxystilbenes were compared ...


Studying intermolecular processes in thin surface layers with microcantilever transducers. Formation of protein fibrils on a solid support

09-Nov-2008 | G. A. Kiselev, P. V. Kudrinskii, I. V. Yaminskii, O. I. Vinogradova, Protection of Metals, 2008

The possibility of studying the processes of intermolecular interaction in thin surface layers by means of microcantilever transducer (MCT) are considered. The use of MCT makes it possible to observe the catalytic growth of amyloid fibrils from chemically immobilized lisozyme molecules on the ...


Hydrolytically stable linkers for silicone carbohydrates derived from hydrodiisopropylsilanes

01-Jul-2008 | David B. Thompson, Ferdinand Gonzaga, Amanda S. Fawcett, Michael A. Brook, Silicon Chemistry, 2008

Two strategies were developed for the attachment of sugars to siloxanes using bifunctional silicon linkers: the substrate could be functionalized with a silyl hydride before coupling to a vinyl-terminated siloxane through platinum catalyzed hydrosilylation; alternatively, unprotected glucose ...


Infrared studies of amorphous carbon films formed by plasma decomposition of acetylene

03-Mar-2008 | D. Sunil, V. D. Vankar, K. L. Chopra, Journal of Materials Engineering, 2008

Thin films of amorphous hydrogenated carbon have been deposited by radio frequency (RF) glow discharge decomposition of various mixtures of acetylene and hydrogen gases. The films were grown on silicon substrates kept on both the powered and grounded electrodes. These films were annealed in ...


Preoxidation prior to gas carburizing: Theory and its effect on pyrowear ® 53 alloy

03-Mar-2008 | Michael L. Schmidt, Journal of Heat Treating, 2008

The absorption of carbon during gas carburizing of steel components is reviewed based on thermodynamic and kinetic considerations. The effects of chromium and silicon on carbon absorption are reviewed based on the thermodynamics of passive film formation in the presence of a carburizing gas. ...


Modified phenylquinoxaline-containing polymers and materials on their basis

30-Nov-2007 | N. M. Belomoina, A. L. Rusanov, M. Bruma, Polymer Science Series C, 2007

The latest data concerning the modification of polymers containing phenylquinoxaline cycles and the manufacture of polymer materials on their basis are systematized. It has been shown that the design of silicon-and fluorine-containing and sulfated poly(phenylquinoxalines) makes it possible to ...


Fragmentation reaction of highly sterically hindered TsiSiPhCl2 with some alcoholic sodium alkoxides

10-Nov-2007 | Kazem D. Safa, Elnaz Hosseini, Akbar Hassanpour, Shahin Tofangdarzadeh, Silicon Chemistry, 2007

TsiSiPhCl2(1) was treated with boiling NaOEt/EtOH to give the fragmentation product of the type (Me3Si)2CHSiPh(OEt)2. Treatment of 1 with various alkoxides NaOR/ROH (R = n-Pr, n-Bu, iso-Bu, 2-Bu, amyl, iso-amyl, 2-amyl, CH2Ph) gave Me3SiCH2SiPh(OR)2 rather than the expected (Me3Si)2CHSiPh(OR)2. ...


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