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The effect of surface modification of vulcanized rubbers on the adhesive strength

03-Jul-2007 | V. A. Kozlov, Yu. I. Lyakin, V. Ya. Kiselev, Polymer Science Series C, 2007

Results of a study are reported on the utilization of ground vulcanizate, which is a waste product of rubber prcoessing plants. Loaded stocks of various commercial rubbers act as objects for the study. Talc, kaolin, silicon dioxide, and furnace carbon black are used as fillers. According to the ...


Stereochemistry in Lewis acid-catalyzed silylation of alcohols, silanols, and methoxysilanes with optically active methyl(1-naphthyl)phenylsilane

07-Mar-2007 | Satoshi Shinke, Teruhisa Tsuchimoto, Yusuke Kawakami, Silicon Chemistry, 2007

Stereochemistry in silylation reactions of alcohols, silanols, and methoxysilanes with optically pure (R)-methyl(1-naphthyl)phenylsilane were studied in the presence of Lewis acid catalysts. Tris(pentafluorophenyl)borane [B(C6F5)3] was found to be highly reactive and stereoselective in the ...


Thermodynamic evaluation of a partial charge model assumptionfor the dissolved silica system

13-Feb-2007 | Jacob G. Reynolds, Silicon Chemistry, 2007

The Partial Charge Model was developed to predict the hydroxylation, polymerization, and precipitation of ions. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the Partial Charge Model for describing the polymerization of silica in aqueous solutions. The Partial Charge Model predicts the stability of ...


Preparation and nitridation of silicon whiskers

31-Jan-2007 | P. S. Gopalakrishnan, P. S. Lakshminarasimham, Journal of Materials Science Letters, 2007

Without Abstract


Novel silicon-containing drugs derived from the indomethacin scaffold: Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of biological activity

16-Nov-2006 | Galina A. Bikzhanova, Irina S. Toulokhonova, Stephen Gately, Robert West, Silicon Chemistry, 2006

Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and in vitro pharmacological and cancer cell growth inhibitory activity studies of new silicon-containing compounds based on the indomethacin scaffold are now reported. Amidation of the indomethacin carboxylate group using amino-functional silanes ...


Skeletal rearrangement of a bicylic 1,3-diphenyltrisilane during acid-induced dephenylation reactions

16-Nov-2006 | Aiko Fukazawa, Hayato Tsuji, Kohei Tamao, Silicon Chemistry, 2006

Protic and Lewis acid-induced dephenylation reactions of bis(tetramethylene)-tethered bicyclic 1,3-diphenyltrisilane 1 have been found to be accompanied by a facile skeletal rearrangement that forms the ring-contracted silyl-substituted bicyclic disilanes. For the reaction with a protic acid ...


An unusual reaction of 1,1-dilithio-2,3,4,5-tetraphenyl-1-silacyclopentadiene with diphenylcyclopropenone: synthesis of 1,4-Bis(trimethylsiloxy)-2,3,5,6-tetraphenylbenzene

19-Jul-2006 | Vitaliy I. Timokhin, Ilia A. Guzei, Robert West, Silicon Chemistry, 2006

Reaction of 1,1-dilithio-2,3,4,5-tetraphenylsilole (*5*) with diphenylcyclopropeneone proceeds with loss of silicon to yield the dilithium salt of 2,3,4,5-tetraphenyl-1,4-hysroquinone (*8*), which was trapped with trimethylchlorosilane to yield 1,4-bis(trimethylsiloxy)-2,3,5,6-tetraphenylbenzene, ...


Optical properties of multilayered Alq3/α‐NPD structures investigated with spectroscopic ellipsometry

01-Dec-2005 | Hermann, S.; Gordan, O. D.; Friedrich, M.; Zahn, D. R. T., physica status solidi (c), 2005

Alternating layers consisting of tris(8-quinolinolato) aluminium (Alq3) and N,N-Di(naphthalene-1-yl)-N,N[prime]-diphenyl-benzidine ([alpha]-NPD) were prepared by organic molecular beam deposition (OMBD) in high vacuum (HV) on hydrogen passivated (111) oriented silicon. The Si(111) substrates were ...


Second‐harmonic spectroscopy of nano‐interfaces

01-Dec-2005 | Sun, L.; Figliozzi, P.; Jiang, Y.; Downer, M. C.; Mochán, W. L.; Mendoza, B. S., physica status solidi (c), 2005

Optical second-harmonic is shown to be a noninvasive, interface-sensitive probe of silicon nanocrystals. The TEM01 spatial mode of SHG radiation from a silicon nanocrystal composite indicates there is nonlocal dipolar (quadrupolar) polarization source which is proportional to the gradient of the ...


Near‐field characterization of photonic crystal Y‐splitters

01-Dec-2005 | Volkov, V. S.; Bozhevolnyi, S. I.; Borel, P. I.; Frandsen, L. H.; Kristensen, M., physica status solidi (c), 2005

A scanning near-field optical microscope (SNOM) is used to directly map the propagation of light in a specially designed 50/50 photonic crystal (PC) Y-splitter fabricated on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers. SNOM images are obtained for TE- and TM-polarized light in the wavelength range ...


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