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Solvent-free sonochemistry: Sonochemical organic synthesis in the absence of a liquid medium

04-Sep-2017 | Deborah E. Crawford, Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2017

Abstract Sonochemistry, i.e., the application of mechanical energy in the form of sound waves, has recently been recognised for its similarity to mechanochemistry and is now included under the umbrella term of mechanochemistry. Typically, due to the hypothesised cavitation mechanism, a liquid ...


Ultrasound-promoted organocatalytic enamine–azide [3 + 2] cycloaddition reactions for the synthesis of ((arylselanyl)phenyl-1H-1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)ketones

11-Apr-2017 | Gabriel P. Costa; Natália Seus; Juliano A. Roehrs; Raquel G. Jacob; Ricardo F. Schumacher; Thiago Barcellos; Rafael ..., Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2017

Abstract The use of sonochemistry is described in the organocatalytic enamine–azide [3 + 2] cycloaddition between 1,3-diketones and aryl azidophenyl selenides. These sonochemically promoted reactions were found to be amenable to a range of 1,3-diketones or aryl azidophenyl selenides, providing ...


Sonofragmentation of Ionic Crystals

16-Dec-2016 | Hyo Na Kim, Kenneth S. Suslick, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2016

Mechanochemistry deals with the interface between the chemical and the mechanical worlds and explores the physical and chemical changes in materials caused by an input of mechanical energy. As such, the chemical and physical effects of ultrasound, i.e., sonochemistry, are forms of ...


Materials, Vol. 9, Pages 1002: Cellulose Nanocrystal Membranes as Excipients for Drug Delivery Systems

12-Dec-2016 | Barbosa, Ananda M.; Robles, Eduardo ; Ribeiro, Juliana S.; Lund, Rafael G.; Carreño, Neftali L. V.; Labidi, Jalel, Materials, 2016

In this work, cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) were obtained from flax fibers by an acid hydrolysis assisted by sonochemistry in order to reduce reaction times. The cavitation inducted during hydrolysis resulted in CNC with uniform shapes, and thus further pretreatments into the cellulose are not ...


The Role of Mass and Length in the Sonochemistry of Polymers

22-Feb-2016 | Mark Schaefer; Burcak Icli; Christoph Weder; Marco Lattuada; Andreas F. M. Kilbinger; Yoan C. Simon, Macromolecules, 2016

The ultrasound-induced cleavage of macromolecules has become a routine experiment in the emerging field of polymer mechanochemistry. To date, it has not been conclusively proven whether the molecular weight of a polymer or its contour length is the determining factor for chain scission upon ...


Spectroscopy of Sonoluminescence and Sonochemistry in Water Saturated with N2–Ar Mixtures

18-Dec-2015 | Temim Ouerhani; Rachel Pflieger; Warda Ben Messaoud; Sergey I. Nikitenko, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2015

Sonoluminescence spectra in relation with sonochemical activity of water sparged with Ar/N2 gas mixtures were systematically studied at two ultrasonic frequencies (20 and 359 kHz). At 20 kHz, solely the molecular emission of OH (A2Σ+–X2Πi) is observed in addition to a broad continuum typical for ...


Mechanistic Insights into the Sonochemical Activation of Multimechanophore Cyclopropanated Polybutadiene Polymers

11-Sep-2015 | Jeremy M. Lenhardt; Ashley L. Black Ramirez; Bobin Lee; Tatiana B. Kouznetsova; Stephen L. Craig, Macromolecules, 2015

Structure–activity relationships in the mechanochemistry of gem-dichlorocyclopropane (gDCC)-based polymer solutions triggered by pulsed ultrasound are reported. Insights into the flow-induced mechanochemical transformations of gDCC mechanophores into the corresponding 2,3-dichloroalkenes are ...


MagRET Nanoparticles: An Iron Oxide Nanocomposite Platform for Gene Silencing from MicroRNAs to Long Noncoding RNAs

23-Jun-2015 | E. Lellouche; L. L. Israel; M. Bechor; S. Attal; E. Kurlander; V. A. Asher; A. Dolitzky; L. Shaham; S. Izraeli; J.-P ..., Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2015

Silencing of RNA to knock down genes is currently one of the top priorities in gene therapies for cancer. However, to become practical the obstacle of RNA delivery needs to be solved. In this study, we used innovative maghemite (γ-Fe2O3) nanoparticles, termed magnetic reagent for efficient ...


ChemInform Abstract: Mechanochemistry and Sonochemistry: Concluding Remarks

29-Jan-2015 | Kenneth S. Suslick, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract Review: 63 refs.


ChemInform Abstract: Sonochemistry: What Potential for Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass into Platform Chemicals?

04-Dec-2014 | Gregory Chatel, Karine De Oliveira Vigier, Francois Jerome, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract Review: [100 refs.


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