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How To Find a Needle (or Anything Else) in a Haystack: Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy-Filtering with Iterative Random Sampling Applied to Pharmaceutical Heparin

24-Jul-2012 | Timothy R. Rudd; Eleonora Macchi; Cristina Gardini; Laura Muzi; Marco Guerrini; Edwin A. Yates; Giangiacomo Torri, Analytical Chemistry, 2012

Risks of contamination of the major clinical anticoagulant heparin can arise from deliberate adulteration with unnatural or natural polysaccharides, including heparin from other animal sources, other natural products, or artifacts of manufacture, and these can escape detection by conventional ...


IJMS, Vol. 12, Pages 1496-1504: Use of a Reflectance Spectroscopy Accessory for Optical Characterization of ZnO-Bi2O3-TiO2 Ceramics

25-Feb-2011 | Ghazali, Mohd Sabri Mohd ; Zakaria, Azmi ; Rizwan, Zahid ; Kamari, Halimah Mohamed ; Hashim, Mansor ; Zaid, Mohd Haf ..., International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2011

The optical band-gap energy (Eg) is an important feature of semiconductors which determines their applications in optoelectronics. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the electronic states of ceramic ZnO and the effect of doped impurities under different processing conditions. Eg of the ...


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