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Reduction of Caking Propensity in Large (Millimeter-Sized) South African Coal Particles with Potassium Carbonate Impregnation To Expand Fixed- and Fluidized-Bed Gasification Feedstock Suitability

07-Jul-2015 | Sansha Coetzee; Hein W. J. P. Neomagus; John R. Bunt; Jonathan P. Mathews; Christien A. Strydom; Harold H. Schobert, Energy & Fuels, 2015

The caking propensity of coal causes challenges in combustion, gasification, and fluidized-bed applications, where this property limits coal selection. Certain gasifiers are fitted with mitigation technologies such as stirrers to overcome operational problems associated with caking. However, ...


Molecular Stirrers in Action

08-Oct-2014 | Jiawen Chen; Jos C. M. Kistemaker; Jort Robertus; Ben L. Feringa, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014

A series of first-generation light-driven molecular motors with rigid substituents of varying length was synthesized to act as “molecular stirrers”. Their rotary motion was studied by 1H NMR and UV–vis absorption spectroscopy in a variety of solvents with different polarity and viscosity. ...


Microfluidic Mixing Triggered by an External LED Illumination

15-Feb-2013 | Anna Venancio-Marques; Fanny Barbaud; Damien Baigl, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2013

The mixing of confined liquids is a central yet challenging operation in miniaturized devices. Microfluidic mixing is usually achieved with passive mixers that are robust but poorly flexible, or active mixers that offer dynamic control but mainly rely on electrical or mechanical transducers, ...


Effect of hydrodynamic conditions of the kinetics of Bentonite Suspension Flocculation by Cationic Polyelectrolytes and the strength of formed flocs

26-Jun-2010 | R. Meszaros, S. Barany, I. Solomentseva, Colloid Journal, 2010

The influence of Zetag and SNF FO cationic polyelectrolytes on the aggregation kinetics of bentonite particles in a flow system is studied in detail as a function of the dose of added polymer, charge density of its macromolecules, the regime and intensity of system stirring, and the type of ...


A Simulation Study of Laboratory Scale Ball and Vertical Stirred Mills

01-Dec-2009 | Samanli, Selcuk; Cuhadaroglu, Dilek; Kizgut, Sait, Particle & Particle Systems Characterization, 2009

Abstract The aim of this study was to investigate the grindability of solid fossil fuels from a thermal power plant by using a vertical stirred mill and conventional ball mill. The solid fossil fuel sample was obtained from the Zonguldak Catalagzi thermal power plant in Turkey. The sample below ...


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