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Trinuclear copper(II) complexes with diacylhydrazines of aliphatic dicarboxylic acids and salicylic acid

16-Oct-2010 | V. F. Shul’gin, A. I. Obukh, O. V. Konnik, E. B. Rusanov, V. V. Minin, Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2010

Trinuclear copper(II) complexes with diacyldihydrazines of aliphatic dicarboxylic acids (from succinic acid to heptadioic acid) and salicylic acid were synthesized. The complexes were studied by chemical analysis, thermogravimetry, and IR spectroscopy. The structure of trinuclear copper(II) ...


Surface-Induced Electrolytic Dissociation of Weak Acids in Ethanol

14-Oct-2010 | Marek Kosmulski; Piotr Próchniak; Edward Ma̧czka; Jarl B. Rosenholm, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2010

Positively charged particles of metal oxides (alumina, hematite, and titania) enhance the electrolytic dissociation of phosphoric, oxalic, citric, and succinic acids in 94% ethanol (by mass). This results in enhanced electric conductance of dispersions of these oxides, which is higher than the ...


Functional Modification of Amide-crosslinked Oligoethylenimine for Improved siRNA Delivery

09-Oct-2010 | Alexander, Philipp , Martin, Meyer , Arkadi, Zintchenko , Ernst, Wagner, Reactive and Functional Polymers, 2010

The polymer OEI-HD-1, a degradable 25 kDa carrier for siRNA transfer based on β-propionamide-crosslinked oligoethylenimine, was functionalized to further improve biocompatibility and/or endosomolytic characteristics of the polymer. For this purpose OEI-HD-1 was either modified with succinic acid ...


Kinetics and Modeling of Melt Polycondensation for Synthesis of Poly[(butylene succinate)‐co‐(butylene terephthalate)], 1 – Esterification

23-Sep-2010 | Hu, Lixia; Wu, Linbo; Song, Fangchao; Li, Bo‐Geng, Macromolecular Reaction Engineering, 2010

Abstract The kinetics of the tetrabutyl titanate‐catalyzed homogeneous succinic acid/1,4‐butylenediol (BDO) and heterogeneous terephthalic acid/BDO esterifications were investigated experimentally and theoretically. A unified kinetic model considering two main esterifications as well as one ...


Ionothermal synthesis of FeAlPO-16 molecular sieve by microwave irradiation in eutectic mixture

15-Sep-2010 | Xinhong Zhao, Chunxi Kang, Hua Wang, Cuihong Luo, Guixian Li, Xiaolai Wang, Journal of Porous Materials, 2010

FeAlPO-16 molecular sieve with AST topology has been ionothermally prepared under microwave irradiation in succinic acid-choline chloride eutectic mixture for the first time. The structure and morphology of FeAlPO-16 molecular sieve are characterized in detail by powder X-Ray diffraction (XRD), ...


Synthesis and characterizations of branched poly(butylene succinate) copolymers with 1,2‐octanediol segments

05-Sep-2010 | Wang, Guoli; Gao, Bing; Ye, Haimu; Xu, Jun; Guo, Baohua, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2010

Branched poly(butylene succinate) (PBS) copolymers were synthesized, from succinic acid (SA), 1,4-butanediol (1,4-BD), and 1,2-octanediol (1,2-OD) through a two-step process containing esterification and polycondensation, with different mole fractions of 1,2-OD segments. The branched PBS ...



01-Sep-2010 | WU, W.S.; TSAI, Y.H.; WEI, C.I.; SUN PAN, B.; HUANG, T.C., Journal of Food Quality, 2010

ABSTRACTThe objective of this study was to investigate the effects of organic acids on the pasting and textural properties of rice flour. Nonwaxy (Taisen 2 rice, TS2) and waxy (Taisen Waxy 2, TSW2) were selected as rice materials. Organic acids (including acetic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, ...


Multiple Growth Stages and Their Kinetic Models of Anatase Nanoparticles under Hydrothermal Conditions

26-Aug-2010 | Hongquan Zhan; Xianfeng Yang; Chaomin Wang; Chaolun Liang; Mingmei Wu, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2010

Hydrothermal growth, structural analyses, and growth kinetics of anatase nanoparticles have been paid extensive attention. The growth was generally related to either Ostwald ripening (OR) or orientation attachment (OA). However, very few works about hydrothermal crystallization of anatase ...


LC–MS analysis of low molecular weight organic acids derived from root exudation

15-Aug-2010 | Leonhard Jaitz, Bernhard Mueller, Gunda Koellensperger, Daniela Huber, Eva Oburger, Markus Puschenreiter, Stephan Hann, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2010

A sensitive method for quantification of citric, fumaric, malic, malonic, oxalic, trans aconitic, and succinic acid in soil- and root-related samples is presented. The method is based on a novel, fast, and simple esterification procedure and subsequent analysis via liquid chromatography–mass ...


The cocrystal nicotinamide–succinic acid (2/1)

15-Aug-2010 | Laura J. Thompson; Raja S. Voguri; Adam Cowell; Louise Male; Maryjane Tremayne, Acta Crystallographica Section C, 2010

In the asymmetric unit of the crystal structure of nicotinamide–succinic acid (2/1), 2C6H6N2O·C4H6O4, there are two independent nicotinamide molecules in general positions and two half succinic acid molecules which lie about inversion centres. The structure contains acid–pyridine and amide–amide ...


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