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Surfactant-like Properties of Alkaline Extracts from Wastewater Biosolids

07-Nov-2009 | Flor Yunuén García Becerra, D. Grant Allen, Edgar J. Acosta, Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, 2009

In order to assess the potential for utilizing wastewater biosolids as a source of useful substances, the surface activity of materials extracted from wastewater biosolids (activated sludge) by simple incubation with sodium hydroxide solutions at room temperature was assessed. The surface ...


Fabrication and magnetic properties of submicro-textured magnetostrictive alloys

06-Nov-2009 | K. S. Martirosyan, E. Galstyan, D. Litvinov, International Journal of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis, 2009

A novel method for fabrication of submicro-textured magnetostrictive alloys (Fe85Ga15) by using mechanochemical treatment of iron and gallium reactants followed high-temperature sintering is reported. To reduce the surface tension and enhance the chemical reaction between iron and gallium up to ...


Molecular Self-Aggregation of Tetradecylbenzene Sodium Sulfonate Isomers

29-Oct-2009 | Jing Qi, Jimei Luan, Qijun Hou, Weihong Qiao, Zongshi Li, Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, 2009

This paper deals with the effect of the surfactant isomeric structure on self-aggregation in aqueous solution. The relationship between the molecular structure of a series of tetradecylbenzene sulfonate isomers (with the benzene ring located at different positions along the alkyl chain) and ...


Preparation of a New Oligomeric Surfactant: N,N,N′,N″,N″-Pentamethyl Diethyleneamine—N,N″-Di-[Tetradecylammonium Bromide] and the Study of its Thermodynamic Properties

23-Oct-2009 | Saliha Alehyen, Fatima Bensajjay, Mohammed El Achouri, Lourdes Pérez, Aurora Pinazo, María Rosa Infante, Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, 2009

A new oligomeric surfactant: N,N,N′,N″,N″- pentamethyl diethyleneamine—N,N″-di-[tetradecylammonium bromide] referred to as 14-2-N(CH3)-2-14 was synthesized, purified and characterized by Elemental Analysis, 1H and 13C NMR and Electrospray. The micellar properties of this compound were determined ...


The formation of the developed nanorelief on deposited films

21-Oct-2009 | Yu. V. Martynenko, M. Yu. Nagel, Nanotechnologies in Russia, 2009

A model of a film nanorelief formed upon the deposition of atomic flow on the surface is proposed. This model is based on the growth of structures formed from single atoms diffusing on the surface. The complex fractal structure of the film appears due to the formation of stable clusters that ...


Synthesis and Evaluation of 4-Diethyl Amino Benzaldehyde Schiff Base Cationic Amphiphiles as Corrosion Inhibitors for Carbon Steel in Different Acidic Media

03-Sep-2009 | Nabel A. Negm, Mohamad F. Zaki, Mounir A. I. Salem, Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, 2009

A novel series of cationic surfactants containing Schiff base groups were synthesized by condensation of fatty amines namely: dodecyl, tetradecyl, hexadecyl and octadecyl amine and 4-diethyl aminobenzaldehyde. The chemical structures of these surfactants were confirmed using elemental analysis, ...


Synthesis and Properties of Alkylbetaine Zwitterionic Gemini Surfactants

19-Aug-2009 | Zhanfeng Xie, Yujun Feng, Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, 2009

A series of alkylbetaine zwitterionic gemini surfactants, 1,2-bis[N-methyl-N-carboxymethyl-alkyl-ammonium]ethane (Cn Ab, n = 8, 10, 12, or 14), were synthesized by alkylation of N,N′-dimethylethylenediamine with an alkyl bromide, followed by reaction with sodium 2-bromoacetate. Their solution ...


Mixed Micellization of Cationic Gemini Surfactants with Primary Linear Alkylamines

28-Jul-2009 | Iqrar Ahmad Khan, Riyaj Mohammad, Md Sayem Alam, Kabir-ud-Din, Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, 2009

Due to the potential use of amines as co-surfactants in microemulsions, the effect of adding alkylamines (C4–C8NH2) on the aggregation properties of cationic gemini surfactants [pentanediyl-1, 5-bis(dimethylcetylammonium bromide) and hexanediyl-1, 6-bis(dimethylcetylammonium bromide), referred to ...


Effect of Water Vapor on the Spallation of Thermal Barrier Coating Systems During Laboratory Cyclic Oxidation Testing

28-Jul-2009 | V. Déneux, Y. Cadoret, S. Hervier, D. Monceau, Oxidation of Metals, 2009

The effect of water and water vapor on the lifetime of Ni-based superalloy samples coated with a typical thermal barrier coating system—β-(Ni,Pt)Al bond coat and yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) top coat deposited by electron beam physical vapor deposition (EB-PVD) was studied. Samples were ...


Influence of Surfactant Type and Concentration on Electrospinning of Chitosan–Poly(Ethylene Oxide) Blend Nanofibers

24-Jun-2009 | C. Kriegel, K. M. Kit, D. J. McClements, J. Weiss, Food Biophysics, 2009

Electrospun blend nanofibers were fabricated from chitosan (1,000 kDa, 80% DDA) and poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO; 900 kDa) at a ratio of 3:1 dispersed in 50% and 90% acetic acid. The influence of surfactants on the production of electrospun nanofibers was investigated by adding nonionic ...


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