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Surface Properties and Behavior of Lipid Extracts from Plasma Membranes of Cells Cultured as Monolayer and in Tissue-Like Conditions

30-May-2009 | Albena Jordanova, Nadezhda Stefanova, Galya Staneva, Roumen Pankov, Albena Momchilova, Zdravko Lalchev, Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics, 2009

The differences in the surface active properties of native lipids extracted from plasma membranes of cells cultured as a monolayer and in three-dimensional (3D) matrix were investigated. This experimental model was chosen because most of the current knowledge on cellular physiological processes ...


Membrane fluctuations around inclusions

15-Jan-2008 | Christian D. Santangelo, Oded Farago, Journal of Computer-Aided Materials Design, 2008

The free energy of inserting a protein into a membrane is determined by considering the variation in the spectrum of thermal fluctuations in response to the presence of a rigid inclusion. Both numerically and through a simple analytical approximation, we find that the primary effect of ...


Fluorine-containing compounds improving adhesion of epoxy oligomers to materials with low surface energy

01-Oct-2007 | L. S. Bekhli, Yu. A. Gorbatkina, V. G. Ivanova-Mumzhieva, A. Ya. Lyapunov, Polymer Science Series C, 2007

Results of studying adhesive properties of epoxy resins modified with surfactants are reported. It is shown that surfactants with terminal fluorinated fragments have the highest activity. Ethers of a fluorine-containing telomeric alcohol and glycidol are employed as the surfactants. The surface ...


Processing of Al–SiCp Metal Matrix Composites by Pressureless Infiltration of SiCp Preforms

03-Nov-2004 | M. I. Pech-Canul, M. M. Makhlouf, Journal of Materials Synthesis and Processing, 2004

An optimum method for producing Al-SiCp metal matrix composites was developed by determining the optimum conditions for wetting SiC by aluminum and the optimum parameters for pressureless infiltration of SiCp preforms. The quantitative effect of magnesium and silicon additions to aluminum, free ...


Foaming Power, Bubble Nature, and Sample Density Related to the Expansion Regime in Polyurethane Foams

03-Nov-2004 | Dario T. Beruto, Massimo Baiardo, Stefano A. Mezzasalma, Journal of Materials Synthesis and Processing, 2004

Foamed polyurethane products were obtained from mixtures of polyolic and isocyanate compounds to which different amounts of water were added. The foaming process was carried out in a special homemade reactor that allows us to record continuously the change in volume and total pressure produced by ...


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