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Molecules, Vol. 23, Pages 1390: Synthesis of 2-Mercapto-(2-Oxoindolin-3-Ylidene)Acetonitriles from 3-(4-Chloro-5H-1,2,3-Dithiazol-5-Ylidene)Indolin-2-ones

08-Jun-2018 | Letribot, Boris ; Delatouche, Régis ; Rouillard, Hervé ; Bonnet, Antoine ; Chérouvrier, Jean-René ; Domon, Lisianne ..., Molecules, 2018

Molecules, Vol. 23, Pages 1390: Synthesis of 2-Mercapto-(2-Oxoindolin-3-Ylidene)Acetonitriles from 3-(4-Chloro-5H-1,2,3-Dithiazol-5-Ylidene)Indolin-2-ones Molecules doi: 10.3390/molecules23061390 Authors: Boris Letribot Régis Delatouche Hervé Rouillard Antoine Bonnet Jean-René ...


The development and application of chiral spirocyclic phosphoric acids in asymmetric catalysis

05-Jun-2018 | Abdul Rahman; Xufeng Lin, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2018

The development of suitable chiral catalyst, which is a powerful, economically feasible tool for the preparation of optically active organic molecules, is fundamental endeavours in synthetic chemistry. Chiral phosphoric acids that derived from axially chiral 1,1'-bi-2-naphthol (BINOL) are a ...


Sulfur monoxide thermal release from an anthracene-based precursor, spectroscopic identification, and transfer reactivity [Chemistry]

05-Jun-2018 | Maximilian Joost; Matthew Nava; Wesley J. Transue; Marie-Aline Martin-Drumel; Michael C. McCarthy; David Patterson; ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2018

The generation of highly reactive molecules under controlled conditions is desirable, as it allows exploration of synthetic chemistry and enables spectroscopic studies of such elusive species. We report here on the synthesis and reactivity of a precursor molecule that readily fragments with ...


Promiscuous activity of C-acyltransferase from Pseudomonas protegens: synthesis of acetanilides in aqueous buffer

28-May-2018 | Anna Żądło-Dobrowolska; Nina G. Schmidt; Wolfgang Kroutil, Chemical Communication, 2018

Amide bond formation has considerable significance in synthetic chemistry. Although the C-acyltransferase from Pseudomonas protegens has been found to catalyze C–C bond formation in nature as well as in in vitro experiments with non-natural substrates, it is now shown that the enzyme is also able ...


Hierarchical flower-like hollow alumina supported bimetallic AuPd nanoparticle catalyst for the enhanced solvent-free ethylbenzene oxidation

24-May-2018 | Huijuan Dong; Renfeng Xie; Lan Yang; Feng Li, Dalton Transactions, 2018

Currently, oxidation of alkylaromatics is considered as one of the most crucial chemical technologies to produce high added-value alcohols, ketones and carboxylic acids, due to its significant importance both in fine synthetic chemistry and in academic field. In this work, a novel hierarchical ...


Generation of thiyl radicals in a zinc(II) porous coordination polymer by light-induced post-synthetic deprotection

24-May-2018 | Shinpei Kusaka; Ryotaro Matsuda; Susumu Kitagawa, Chemical Communication, 2018

Kinetic stabilisation of unstable chemical species in nanospace is of potential importance in the field of materials and synthetic chemistry, and porous coordination polymers (PCPs) represent a facile platform to provide such reaction fields. Thiyl radicals are important reactive substances that ...


Molecules, Vol. 23, Pages 1138: Structural Characterization of Lithium and Sodium Bulky Bis(silyl)amide Complexes

10-May-2018 | Nicholas, Hannah M.; Goodwin, Conrad A. P.; Kragskow, Jon G. C.; Lockyer, Selena J.; Mills, David P., Molecules, 2018

Molecules, Vol. 23, Pages 1138: Structural Characterization of Lithium and Sodium Bulky Bis(silyl)amide Complexes Molecules doi: 10.3390/molecules23051138 Authors: Hannah M. Nicholas Conrad A. P. Goodwin Jon G. C. Kragskow Selena J. Lockyer David P. Mills Alkali metal amides ...


Tuning the nucleophilicity of electron-rich diborane(4) compounds with bridging guanidinate substituents by substitution

23-Jan-2018 | Julian Horn; Anna Widera; Sebastian Litters; Elisabeth Kaifer; Hans-Jörg Himmel, Dalton Transactions, 2018

Diborane(4) compounds are versatile reagents in synthetic chemistry. Generally, diboranes(4) with sp2-hybridized boron atoms react as electrophiles. By contrast, the chemistry of nucleophilic diborane(4) compounds with two sp3-hybridized boron atoms is very much underdeveloped. In this work, we ...


Aqueous Synthesis of High-Quality Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanocrystals and Their Thermal Annealing Characteristics

19-Jan-2018 | Cameron Ritchie; Anthony S. R. Chesman; Mark Styles; Jacek J. Jasieniak; Paul Mulvaney, Langmuir, 2018

Copper zinc tin sulfide (CZTS) nanocrystal inks are promising candidates for the development of cheap, efficient, scalable, and nontoxic photovoltaic (PV) devices. However, optimization of the synthetic chemistry to achieve these goals remains a key challenge. Herein we describe a single-step, ...


Recent Advances of Homogeneous Carbonylation using CO2 as CO Surrogate

17-Jan-2018 | Lu Wang, Wei Sun, Chao Liu, Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 2018

Carbon dioxide is a sufficient and important carbon resource, it has been widely used as a C1 building block in synthetic chemistry. Carbonylations with CO are important processes in industrial. However, due to the toxicity of CO, and its storage and transport are problematic. Attentions are ...


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