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Decavanadates with complex cations: synthesis and structure of (NH4)2[M(H2O)5(NH3CH2CH2COO)]2V10O28·nH2O (M = ZnII, n = 4; M = MnII, n = 2)

10-Dec-2009 | Lenka Klištincová, Erik Rakovský, Peter Schwendt, Transition Metal Chemistry, 2009

Decavanadates with complex cations, (NH4)2[Zn(H2O)5(NH3CH2CH2COO)]2V10O28·4H2O (4) and (NH4)2[Mn(H2O)5(NH3CH2CH2COO)]2V10O28·2H2O (5), have been prepared and characterized by elemental analysis, i.r., Raman, UV–vis. and 51V-n.m.r. spectroscopies and by thermal analysis. The X-ray structure ...


Removal of phenols from water and petroleum industry refinery effluents by activated carbon obtained from coconut coir pith

16-Sep-2009 | T. S. Anirudhan, S. S. Sreekumari, C. D. Bringle, Adsorption, 2009

Coir pith obtained from the coir industry as waste biomass was used to prepare activated carbon by chemical activation using phosphoric acid (H3PO4). The influences of activation temperature and lasting time of activation on specific surface areas (SSA) of the activated carbons were observed. ...


Synthesis monitoring of SBA-15 nanostructured materials

17-Apr-2009 | Antonio S. Araujo, Solange A. Quintella, Ana Carla S. L. S. Coutinho, Adsorption, 2009

The SBA-15 materials were synthesized by the hydrothermal method using tetraethyl orthosilicate as silica source and P123 as template agent. The synthesis process was accomplished varying the time during the hydrothermal processing. For the synthesis monitoring, a small amount of sample was ...


Synthesis of Nanosized Ba2LaZrO5.5 Ceramic Powders through a Novel Combustion Route

03-Nov-2004 | R. Jose, J. James, Asha M. John, R. Divakar, J. Koshy, Journal of Materials Synthesis and Processing, 2004

A single-step process for the preparation of nanoparticles of Ba2LaZrO5.5 is reported in this paper. The process is a modification of the combustion method, which resulted in Ba2LaZrO5.5 phase without a calcination step. This complex perovskite ceramic oxide thus obtained is characterized by ...


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