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A three‐function numerical model for the prediction of vulcanization‐reversion of rubber during sulfur curing

05-Jan-2011 | Milani, G.; Milani, F., Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2011

The cross‐linking mechanisms of sulfur vulcanization are not analytically known and, therefore, reticulation kinetics has to be deduced macroscopically from standardized tests. One of the most popular laboratory test to characterize curing and reversion is the oscillating disk rheometer ODR, ...


Microstructure and thermal physical parameters of Ni60-Cr3C2 composite coating by laser cladding

21-Dec-2010 | Chenggang Pan, Huachang Wang, Hongfu Wang, Qingming Chang, Huajun Wang, Journal of Wuhan University of Technology--Materials Science Edition, 2010

To satisfy performance and long life requirements for hot forging die, Ni60-Cr3C2 composite coatings were prepared on the high-speed steel W6Mo5Cr4V2 using laser cladding technology. Laser clad coatings with different ratios of Ni60:Cr3C2 were investigated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), ...


Effect of organoclay on thermal and dynamic mechanical properties of novel thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites prepared by melt intercalation technique

01-Dec-2010 | Aruna Kumar Barick, Deba Kumar Tripathy; Aruna Kumar Barick; Deba Kumar Tripathy, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2010

Abstract Polymer nanocomposites based on thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) containing organophilic montmorillonite (OMMT) were prepared by melt compounding method followed by compression molding. Different percentage of organically modified nanoclays (1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 wt%) was incorporated into ...


Thermal conductivity and tribological properties of POM‐Cu composites

01-Nov-2010 | He, Junqing; Zhang, Ling; Li, Chunzhong, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2010

Abstract The polyoxymethylene (POM) composites with different copper contents were prepared by extrusion. The thermal conductivity and tribological behavior of POM‐Cu composites with various contents of copper particles were investigated by a hot disk thermal analyzer and an M‐2000 friction and ...


Carrier films behavior during thermoforming process studied using dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA)

14-Sep-2010 | Shehdeh Jodeh, Journal of Polymer Research, 2010

Dynamic mechanical thermal analysis was used to investigate the thermal transitions and modulus/temperature behavior of thermoformable carrier films, and to relate the information obtained to carrier film behavior during the thermoforming process. In this study the glass transition temperatures ...


Preparation and electrochemical characterization of LiNi0.8Co0.2O2 cathode material by a modified sol–gel method

10-Jul-2010 | Chongqiang Zhu, Chunhui Yang, Wein-Duo Yang, Mao-Sung Wu, Huei-Mei Ysai, Ching-Yuan Hsieh, Hui-Ling Fang, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 2010

LiNi0.8Co0.2O2 cathode powders for lithium-ion batteries were prepared by a modified sol–gel method with citric acid as chelating agent and a small amount of hydroxypropyl cellulose as dispersant agent. The structure and morphology of LiNi0.8Co0.2O2 powders calcined at various temperatures for 4 ...


Crystallization Behavior and Dielectric Properties of a New High Dielectric Constant Low‐Temperature Cofired Ceramics Material Based on Nd2O3–TiO2–SiO2 Glass–Ceramics

01-Jun-2010 | Hsiang, Hsing‐I.; Mei, Li‐Then; Liao, Wen‐Chang; Yen, Fu‐Su, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2010

The crystallization and sintering behaviors of glass[ndash]ceramics (Nd2O3[ndash]TiO2[ndash]SiO2) have been investigated using the differential thermal analyzer, thermal mechanical analyzer, X-ray diffractometer, scanning electron microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy. The results ...


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