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The influence of manganese concentration on the sensitivity of bandshape and lifetime luminescent thermometers based on Y3Al5O12:Mn3+,Mn4+,Nd3+ nanocrystals

25-May-2018 | K. Trejgis; L. Marciniak, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

Luminescent thermometers based on transition metal and lanthanide ion codoped nanocrystals have become a group of non-contact thermometers which are gaining importance due to their high sensitivity upon temperature changes. Here we present two types of luminescent thermometers, namely, bandshape ...


High-Nuclearity Lanthanide–Titanium Oxo Clusters as Luminescent Molecular Thermometers with High Quantum Yields

28-Sep-2017 | Dong-Fei Lu; Zi-Feng Hong; Jing Xie; Xiang-Jian Kong; La-Sheng Long; Lan-Sun Zheng, Inorganic Chemistry, 2017

Three heterometallic lanthanide–titanium oxo clusters (LnTOCs) formulated as Eu2Ti4(μ3-O)4(tbba)12(acac)2 (Eu2Ti4, 1, Hacac = acetylacetone), Eu5Ti4(μ3-O)6(tbba)20(Htbba)(THF)2 (Eu5Ti4, 2), and Eu8Ti10(μ3-O)14(Ac)2(tbba)34(H2O)4(THF)2(Htbba)2 (Eu8Ti10, 3) were prepared through the reactions of ...


Intracellular temperature measurements with fluorescent polymeric thermometers

06-Sep-2017 | Seiichi Uchiyama; Chie Gota; Toshikazu Tsuji; Noriko Inada, Chemical Communication, 2017

In 2003, we successfully created the first fluorescent polymeric thermometer by combining a thermo-responsive polymer and an environment-sensitive (polarity and hydrogen bonding-sensitive) fluorophore. Its high sensitivity to temperature variation and high hydrophilicity, even under conditions of ...


Supramolecular Self-Assembly Bioinspired Synthesis of Luminescent Gold Nanocluster-Embedded Peptide Nanofibers for Temperature Sensing and Cellular Imaging

16-Aug-2017 | Wensi Zhang; Dongmei Lin; Haixia Wang; Jingfeng Li; Gerd Ulrich Nienhaus; Zhiqiang Su; Gang Wei; Li Shang, Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2017

Metal nanoclusters (NCs) hold great potential as novel luminescent nanomaterials in many applications, while the synthesis of highly luminescent metal NCs still remains challenging. In this work, we report self-assembling peptides as a novel bioinspired scaffold capable of significantly enhancing ...


Thermal phenotyping of stomatal sensitivity in spring barley

27-Jun-2017 | P. Rischbeck, P. Cardellach, B. Mistele, U. Schmidhalter, Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, 2017

Abstract Thermometry and thermography are alternative methods used for measuring stomatal conductivity via transpirative cooling. However, the influence of mixed soil–plant information contained in thermal images compared to thermometric spot measurements on the measurement quality and ...


Graphite‐bearing mineral assemblages in the mantle beneath Central Aldan superterrane of North Asian craton: combined confocal micro‐Raman and electron microprobe characterization

10-May-2017 | Evgeny I. Nikolenko, Igor S. Sharygin, Taisia A. Alifirova, Andrey V. Korsakov, Pavel S. Zelenovskiy, V. Ya. Shur, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 2017

Mantle‐derived lherzolitic and harzburgitic Cr‐pyropes from lamprophyres of the Chompolo field (Central Aldan superterrane, North Asian Craton) were studied using micro‐Raman spectroscopy and electron microprobe microanalysis. These garnets enclose graphite coexisting with forsterite, diopside, ...


Colloidal nanothermometers based on neodymium doped alkaline-earth fluorides in the first and second biological windows

07-May-2017 | Author(s): Marco Pedroni, Paolo Cortelletti, Irene Xochilt Cantarelli, Nicola Pinna, Patrizia Canton, Mart ..., Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2017

Publication date: October 2017 Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 250 Author(s): Marco Pedroni, Paolo Cortelletti, Irene Xochilt Cantarelli, Nicola Pinna, Patrizia Canton, Marta Quintanilla, Fiorenzo Vetrone, Adolfo Speghini Strontium fluoride nanoparticles ...


Wide‐range thermometry based on green up‐conversion luminescence of K3LuF6:Yb3+/Er3+ bulk oxyfluoride glass ceramics

04-Mar-2017 | JiangKun Cao, FangFang Hu, LiPing Chen, Hai Guo, Changkui Duan, Min Yin, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2017

Abstract Yb3+/Er3+ ions codoped bulk glass ceramics (GC) with embedded monoclinic K3LuF6 nanocrystals are reported for potential temperature‐sensing application by using the fluorescence intensity ratio method. Such GC with good transparency and enhanced up‐conversion were prepared by the ...


Temperature sensing based on the cooperation of Eu3+ and Nd3+ in Y2O3 nanoparticles

26-Feb-2017 | Author(s): Shaoshuai Zhou, Xiantao Wei, Xinyue Li, Yonghu Chen, Changkui Duan, Min Yin, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2017

Publication date: July 2017 Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 246 Author(s): Shaoshuai Zhou, Xiantao Wei, Xinyue Li, Yonghu Chen, Changkui Duan, Min Yin The improvement of temperature sensing performance for optical thermometers based on thermally coupled energy ...


Genetically encoded ratiometric fluorescent thermometer with wide range and rapid response

17-Feb-2017 | Masahiro Nakano; Yoshiyuki Arai; Ippei Kotera; Kohki Okabe; Yasuhiro Kamei; Takeharu Nagai, PLoS ONE, 2017

by Masahiro Nakano, Yoshiyuki Arai, Ippei Kotera, Kohki Okabe, Yasuhiro Kamei, Takeharu Nagai Temperature is a fundamental physical parameter that plays an important role in biological reactions and events. Although thermometers developed previously have been used to investigate several ...


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