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Mechanical Activation of CaO‐Based Adsorbents for CO2 Capture

06-Nov-2012 | Maryam Sayyah, Yongqi Lu, Richard I. Masel, Kenneth S. Suslick, ChemSusChem, 2012

Abstract The reversible cycling of CaO adsorbents to CaCO3 for high‐temperature CO2 capture is substantially improved by mechanical treatment. The mechanical milling intensity and conditions of grinding (e.g., wet vs. dry, planetary vs. vibratory milling) were determined to be the main factors ...


Mechanochemical synthesis of granulated LTA zeolite from metakaolin

03-Apr-2012 | V. Yu. Prokof’ev, N. E. Gordina, A. B. Zhidkova, A. M. Efremov, Journal of Materials Science, 2012

LTA zeolite can be prepared from dry mixes in a vibratory mill with an impact-shear loading conditions. For the synthesis of LTA zeolite, it is necessary to use the anhydrous ingredients (Al2Si2O7–metakaolin, γ-Al2O3). The process of synthesis is controlled by X-ray diffraction, IR-spectroscopy, ...


Cellulose I crystallinity determination using FT–Raman spectroscopy: univariate and multivariate methods

15-May-2010 | Umesh P. Agarwal, Richard S. Reiner, Sally A. Ralph, Cellulose, 2010

Two new methods based on FT–Raman spectroscopy, one simple, based on band intensity ratio, and the other using a partial least squares (PLS) regression model, are proposed to determine cellulose I crystallinity. In the simple method, crystallinity in cellulose I samples was determined based on ...


Study on the thermal decomposition of chrysotile asbestos

08-May-2010 | T. Zaremba, A. Krząkała, J. Piotrowski, D. Garczorz, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 2010

This article reports the possibility of detoxification of chrysotile asbestos through a low temperature heating and grinding treatment. The effect of thermal treatment at different temperatures in the range from 500 to 725 °C for 3 h on raw natural asbestos was characterized by thermal analysis, ...


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