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Continuation of Dabigatran Therapy in “Real-World” Practice in Hong Kong

01-Aug-2014 | Mei Han Ho et al., PLoS ONE, 2014

by Mei Han Ho, Chi Wai Ho, Emmanuel Cheung, Pak Hei Chan, Jo Jo Hai, Koon Ho Chan, Esther W. Chan, Gilberto Ka Kit Leung, Hung Fat Tse, Chung Wah Siu Background Dabigatran, an oral direct thrombin inhibitor, possesses several advantages over warfarin that can in principle simplify the ...


ChemInform Abstract: Development of a Novel Method for Warfarin Synthesis via Lipase‐Catalyzed Stereoselective Michael Reaction.

12-Sep-2013 | Kaoru Sano, Shun‐ichi Saito, Yoshihiko Hirose, Yoshihito Kohari, Hiroto Nakano, Chigusa Seki, Michio Tokiwa, Mitsuhi ..., ChemInform, 2013

Abstract This provides the best result hitherto obtained in enantioselective syntheses of the anticoagulant warfarin using a bio‐catalyst.


Assessment of the contribution of NAD(P)H-dependent quinone oxidoreductase 1 (NQO1) to the reduction of vitamin K in wildtype and NQO1-deficient mice

09-Sep-2013 | Ingram B; Turbyfill J; Bledsoe P; Jaiswal A; Stafford D, Biochemical Journal, 2013

NQO1 (DT-diaphorase) is a cytosolic enzyme that catalyzes the two-electron reduction of various quinones including vitamin K. The enzyme may play a role in vitamin K metabolism by reducing vitamin K to vitamin K hydroquinone for utilization in the post-translational γ-glutamyl carboxylation ...


Analysis of Free Fractions for Chiral Drugs Using Ultrafast Extraction and Multi-Dimensional High-Performance Affinity Chromatography

28-Aug-2013 | Xiwei Zheng; Michelle J. Yoo; David S Hage, Analyst, 2013

A multi-dimensional chromatographic approach was developed to measure the free fractions of drug enantiomers in samples that also contained a binding protein or serum. This method, which combined ultrafast affinity extraction with a chiral stationary phase, was demonstrated using the drug ...


Atom‐Economic Synthesis of Optically Active Warfarin Anticoagulant over a Chiral MOF Organocatalyst

13-Aug-2013 | Tao Shi, Zhiwei Guo, Huixian Yu, Jianwu Xie, Yijun Zhong, Weidong Zhu, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2013

Abstract A novel chiral metal‐organic framework (MOF) organocatalyst has been developed, based on readily available MIL‐101 and the chiral primary diamine (1R,2R)‐1,2‐diphenylethylenediamine, by the post‐synthetic modification. Over the developed chiral heterogeneous catalyst the asymmetric ...


IJMS, Vol. 14, Pages 14064-14075: Effects of Ospemifene on Drug Metabolism Mediated by Cytochrome P450 Enzymes in Humans in Vitro and in Vivo

05-Jul-2013 | Turpeinen, Miia ; Uusitalo, Jouko ; Lehtinen, Terhi ; Kailajärvi, Marita ; Pelkonen, Olavi ; Vuorinen, Jouni ; Tapan ..., International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2013

The objective of these investigations was to determine the possible effects of the novel selective estrogen receptor modulator, ospemifene, on cytochrome P450 (CYP)-mediated drug metabolism. Ospemifene underwent testing for possible effects on CYP enzyme activity in human liver microsomes and ...


Predictability of Enantiomeric Chromatographic Behavior on Various Chiral Stationary Phases Using Typical Reversed Phase Modeling Software

17-Jun-2013 | Hebatallah A. Wagdy, Rasha S. Hanafi, Rasha M. El‐Nashar, Hassan Y. Aboul‐Enein, Chirality, 2013

ABSTRACT Pharmaceutical companies worldwide tend to apply chiral chromatographic separation techniques in their mass production strategy rather than asymmetric synthesis. The present work aims to investigate the predictability of chromatographic behavior of enantiomers using DryLab HPLC method ...


Simultaneous determination of nine anticoagulant rodenticides in soil and water by LC–ESI‐MS

03-Jun-2013 | Alma M. Hernández, José Bernal, José L. Bernal, María T. Martín, Constantino Caminero, María J. Nozal, Journal of Separation Science, 2013

A new and sensitive analytical method is presented to determine nine anticoagulant rodenticide (chlorophacinone, bromadiolone, pindone, diphacinone, warfarin, coumatetralyl, brodifacoum, floucomafen and difenacoum) residues in water and soil samples by LC–ESI‐MS. Rodenticides were extracted from ...


Rivaroxaban: a novel oral anticoagulant for the prevention and treatment of several thrombosis‐mediated conditions

23-May-2013 | Troy C. Sarich, Gary Peters, Scott D. Berkowitz, Frank Misselwitz, Christopher C. Nessel, Paul Burton, Nancy Cook‐Br ..., Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 2013

The development of rivaroxaban (XARELTO®) is an important new medical advance in the field of oral anticoagulation. Thrombosis‐mediated conditions constitute a major burden for patients, healthcare systems, and society. For more than 60 years, the prevention and treatment of these conditions ...


Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics Modeling of Regioselectivity of Drug Metabolism in Cytochrome P450 2C9

16-May-2013 | Richard Lonsdale; Kerensa T. Houghton; Jolanta Żurek; Christine M. Bathelt; Nicolas Foloppe; Marcel J. de Groot; Jer ..., Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2013

Cytochrome P450 enzymes (P450s) are important in drug metabolism and have been linked to adverse drug reactions. P450s display broad substrate reactivity, and prediction of metabolites is complex. QM/MM studies of P450 reactivity have provided insight into important details of the reaction ...


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