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Effect of epoxidized natural rubber on thermal properties, fatigue life, and natural weathering test of styrene butadiene rubber/recycled acrylonitrile‐butadiene rubber (SBR/NBRr) blends

08-Aug-2011 | Noriman, Nik Zulkepli; Ismail, Hanafi, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2011

Abstract The utilization of waste rubber powder in polymer matrices provides an attractive strategy for polymer waste disposal. Addition of recycled acrylonitrile‐butadiene rubber (NBRr) in rubber compounds gives economic (lowering the cost of rubber compounds) as well as processing advantages. ...



01-Aug-2011 | CHOI, JONG‐IL; KIM, JAE‐HUN; CHUN, BYEONG SOO; AHN, DONG HYUN; KIM, GWANG HOON; LEE, JU‐WOON, Journal of Food Biochemistry, 2011

ABSTRACT The enhancement of the physiological activities of the cooking drip of Hizikia fusiformis (CDH) by electron‐beam irradiation was investigated to utilize the waste cooking drip obtained from the seaweed industry. On applying electron‐beam irradiation, the dark color of the cooking drip ...


Determination of 137Cs and 85Sr transport parameters in fucoidic sand columns and groundwater system

23-Jul-2011 | Central European Journal of Chemistry, 2011

Abstract The determination is based on the evaluation of experimentally obtained breakthrough curves using the erfc-function. The first method is founded on the assumption of a reversible linear sorption/desorption isotherm of radionuclides on solid phase with constant distribution and ...


Management scenarios for olive oil mill waste based on characterization and leaching tests

27-Jun-2011 | Coz, Alberto; Villegas, Mercedes; Andrés, Ana; Viguri, Javier R.; Mantzavinos, Dionissios; Xekoukoulotakis, N ..., Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2011

Abstract BACKGROUND: Olive oil mill waste is a serious environmental problem in the Mediterranean basin given its particular characteristics of high organic content, seasonal and localized generation, and the type of processing involved. RESULTS: Olive mill waste from a three‐phase mill was ...


Raman study of a deuterated iron hydroxycarbonate to assess long‐term corrosion mechanisms in anoxic soils

01-May-2011 | Saheb, M.; Neff, D.; Bellot‐Gurlet, L.; Dillmann, P., Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 2011

Abstract In several contexts such as cultural heritage, oil and gas or nuclear waste disposal, the long‐term corrosion mechanisms of iron in anoxic soils are studied. For this purpose, corrosion layers formed on ferrous archaeological artefacts from the site of Glinet (16th century, Normandy, ...


Degradable Polyethylene: Fantasy or Reality

15-Apr-2011 | Prasun K. Roy; Minna Hakkarainen; Indra K. Varma; Ann-Christine Albertsson, Environmental Science & Technology, 2011

Plastic waste disposal is one of the serious environmental issues being tackled by our society today. Polyethylene, particularly in packaging films, has received criticism as it tends to accumulate over a period of time, leaving behind an undesirable visual footprint. Degradable polyethylene, ...


Gender determination of fertilized unincubated chicken eggs by infrared spectroscopic imaging

08-Apr-2011 | Gerald Steiner, Thomas Bartels, Allison Stelling, Maria-Elisabeth Krautwald-Junghanns, Herbert Fuhrmann, Valdas Sabl ..., Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2011

Each year, billions of day-old layer chicks are produced in the world. Since only female chicks are reared for egg production, the chicks must be sexed and the unwanted male layer chicks are culled. The culling of male chicks is a serious problem, both in terms of animal welfare and waste ...


Preliminary evaluation of the technical feasibility of using different soils in waste disposal cover system

01-Apr-2011 | Abdel Rahman, R.O., Environmental Progress, 2011

Abstract Engineered cover system is considered as an essential component required by the long‐term safety concept for radioactive waste disposal, landfills, and contaminated land. In this article, a design procedure that can be used in the prebasic design phase for the investigation of the ...


Analyses of polychlorinated biphenyls in waters and wastewaters using vortex‐assisted liquid–liquid microextraction and gas chromatography‐mass spectrometry

01-Mar-2011 | Ozcan, Senar, Journal of Separation Science, 2011

Abstract A method was developed for viable and rapid determination of seven polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in water samples with vortex‐assisted liquid–liquid microextraction (VALLME) using gas chromatography‐mass spectrometry (GC‐MS). At first, the most suitable extraction solvent and ...


Titania Nanomaterials Produced from Ti-Salt Flocculated Sludge in Water Treatment

16-Feb-2011 | Jong-Ho Kim, Dong Lyun Cho, Geon-Joong Kim, Baoyu Gao, Ho Kyong Shon, Catalysis Surveys from Asia, 2011

Titania is the most widely used metal oxide for the applications of pigments, paper, solar cells and environmental purification. In order to meet the demand of a large amount of titania, our group has developed a novel process which could significantly lower the cost of waste disposal in water ...


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