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Microbial mass movements

15-Sep-2017 | Yong-Guan Zhu; Michael Gillings; Pascal Simonet; Dov Stekel; Steve Banwart; Josep Penuelas, Science , 2017

For several billion years, microorganisms and the genes they carry have mainly been moved by physical forces such as air and water currents. These forces generated biogeographic patterns for microorganisms that are similar to those of animals and plants ( 1 ). In the past 100 years, humans have ...


A network framework for dynamic models of urban food, energy and water systems (FEWS)

22-Aug-2017 | Rae Zimmerman, Quanyan Zhu, Carolyn Dimitri, Environmental Progress, 2017

The urban food system addressed here centers on urban food processing, distribution and consumption (including food packaging and waste disposal) and as such addresses how food moves from processing and distribution centers to points of consumption and ultimately waste disposal within cities. ...


Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 1418: Green and Sustainable Mining: Underground Coal Mine Fully Mechanized Solid Dense Stowing-Mining Method

11-Aug-2017 | Huang, Jiu ; Tian, Chuyuan ; Xing, Longfei ; Bian, Zhengfu ; Miao, Xiexing, Sustainability, 2017

Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 1418: Green and Sustainable Mining: Underground Coal Mine Fully Mechanized Solid Dense Stowing-Mining Method Sustainability doi: 10.3390/su9081418 Authors: Jiu Huang Chuyuan Tian Longfei Xing Zhengfu Bian Xiexing Miao China produces and consumes ...


Fortification of Wheat Bread with Agroindustry By‐Products: Statistical Methods for Sensory Preference Evaluation and Correlation with Color and Crumb Structure

10-Aug-2017 | Z. E. Martins, O. Pinho, I.M.P.L.V.O. Ferreira, Journal of Food Science, 2017

Abstract The use of agroindustry by‐products (BP) for fortification of wheat bread can be an alternative to waste disposal because BP are appealing sources of dietary fiber. Moreover, it may also contribute to indirect income generation. In this study, sensory, color, and crumb structure ...


Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 1154: Recyclables Valorisation as the Best Strategy for Achieving Landfill CO2e Emissions Abatement from Domestic Waste: Game Theory

02-Jul-2017 | Taboada-González, Paul ; Aguilar-Virgen, Quetzalli ; Márquez-Benavides, Liliana, Sustainability, 2017

Various nations in the world have developed technologies and strategies for appropriate waste disposal, and to abate waste generation and greenhouse gasses. Alternatives like recovering materials can help, but they require reliable information to improve planning and management. This study ...


Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 1079: Application of Protection Motivation Theory to Investigate Sustainable Waste Management Behaviors

22-Jun-2017 | Janmaimool, Piyapong, Sustainability, 2017

The aim of this study is to explain individuals’ engagement in sustainable waste management behaviors (SWMBs) based on the application of protection motivation theory (PMT). SWMBs include waste avoidance, green purchasing, reuse and recycle, and waste disposal behaviors. Considering the amount of ...


Molecules, Vol. 22, Pages 962: Subcritical Water Chromatography with Electrochemical Detection

09-Jun-2017 | Anderson, Heather ; Yang, Yu, Molecules, 2017

Reverse phase liquid chromatography (RPLC) is a commonly used separation and analysis technique. RPLC typically employs mixtures of organic solvents and water or aqueous buffers as the mobile phase. With RPLC being used on a global scale, enormous quantities of organic solvents are consumed every ...


Mercury Removal: A Nanoselenium Sponge for Instantaneous Mercury Removal to Undetectable Levels (Adv. Funct. Mater. 17/2017)

02-May-2017 | Snober Ahmed, John Brockgreitens, Ke Xu, Abdennour Abbas, Advanced Functional Materials, 2017

A nanoselenium sponge is capable of removing aqueous mercury to undetectable levels within a few seconds, as demonstrated by Abdennour Abbas and co‐workers in article number 1606572. The sponge does not retain water nutrients and meets the regulatory requirements for nonhazardous waste ...


Sorption of selected radionuclides on different MnO 2 phases

01-May-2017 | ie=edge, Environmental Chemistry, 2017

Matthew T. Athon, Glen E. Fryxell, Chia-Ying Chuang, Peter H. Santschi Environmental context.Releases to the aquatic environment from radiological dispersal devices, accidents or leaking waste disposal sites require close monitoring for radionuclide identification. A novel in situ gamma ...


Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 506: Rural Solid Waste Management in China: Status, Problems and Challenges

29-Mar-2017 | Wang, Aiqin ; Zhang, Linxiu ; Shi, Yaojiang ; Rozelle, Scott ; Osborn, Annie ; Yang, Meredith, Sustainability, 2017

This paper seeks to describe the overall state of Rural Solid Waste Management (RSWM) in China in three main areas: waste collection services, waste transportation services and waste disposal services. Given China’s urbanization, industrialization, and the subsequent improvement of household ...


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