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Comparison of reduced and sulfided CoMo/γ‐Al2O3 catalyst on hydroprocessing of pretreated bio‐oil in a continuous packed‐bed reactor

29-Dec-2014 | Divya R. Parapati, Vamshi K. Guda, Venkata K. Penmetsa, Sathish K. Tanneru, Brian Mitchell, Philip H. Steele, Environmental Progress, 2014

Pretreated bio‐oil was hydroprocessed with conventional sulfided CoMo/γ‐Al2O3 catalyst in a continuous packed‐bed reactor. Hydroprocessing experiments were performed at a temperature of 350 to 400°C, 1500 psig hydrogen pressure, using a hydrogen flow rate of 500 mL/min at a liquid hourly space ...


Silane modification and characterization of activated carbon

31-Oct-2011 | Qing He, Yingbo Xu, Chenghui Wang, Shike She, Shun Zhou, Ran Wang, Adsorption, 2011

Activated carbons have been wildly used as adsorbents for various purpose. When used in a cigarette filter activated carbon can selectively remove a number of the vapor phase compounds to varying degrees of efficiency. To improve the wet-feeling of cigarette smoke with AC in the filter, a new ...


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