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Further Investigations into the Nature of Salt Spheres and Inorganic Structures at the Crude Oil−Water Interface†

15-Apr-2010 | Richard W. Cloud; Samuel C. Marsh; Sandra Linares-Samaniego; Michael K. Poindexter, Energy & Fuels, 2010

A number of factors are known to contribute to and enhance water-in-crude oil emulsion stability. Organic-based and naturally occurring materials (e.g., asphaltenes, resins, naphthenic acids, waxes, etc.) have received a great deal of attention regarding their role in stabilizing and, at times, ...


Fabrication of Versatile Channel Flow Cells for Quantitative Electroanalysis Using Prototyping

14-Apr-2010 | Michael E. Snowden; Philip H. King; James A. Covington; Julie V. Macpherson; Patrick R. Unwin, Analytical Chemistry, 2010

Here we demonstrate the use of microstereolithography (MSL), a 3D direct manufacturing technique, as a viable method to produce small-scale microfluidic components for electrochemical flow detection. The flow cell is assembled simply by resting the microfabricated component on the electrode of ...


Pollution source evaluation using petroleum and aliphatic hydrocarbons in surface sediments from two Brazilian estuarine systems

01-Apr-2010 | Otávio L.G., Maioli , Kamila C., Rodrigues , Bastiaan A., Knoppers , Débora A., Azevedo, Organic Geochemistry, 2010

The levels of aliphatic hydrocarbons, including petroleum biomarkers (hopanes and steranes) were measured in surface sediments from two Brazilian estuarine systems affected by sugar cane monoculture and urbanization in order to identify their sources. The total aliphatic hydrocarbon fraction ...


Analytical Strategies for Characterizing Organic Paint Media Using Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry

24-Feb-2010 | Maria Perla Colombini; Alessia Andreotti; Ilaria Bonaduce; Francesca Modugno; Erika Ribechini, Accounts of Chemical Research, 2010

Throughout history, artists have experimented with a variety of organic-based natural materials, using them as paint binders, varnishes, and ingredients for mordants in gildings. Artists often use many layers of paint to produce particular effects. How we see a painting is thus the final result ...


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