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Experimental Study on the Removal of VOCs and PAHs by Zeolites and Surfactant-Modified Zeolites

31-Jul-2017 | Magdalena Wołowiec; Barbara Muir; Katarzyna Zięba; Tomasz Bajda; Mariola Kowalik; Wojciech Franus, Energy & Fuels, 2017

Synthetic zeolite Na-X and clinoptilolite (Cp) as well as their modifications with quaternary ammonium salts were used to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from aqueous solutions. A novel procedure was developed for the synthesis of ...


Influencing the outcome: Diorganotin(IV) ladder to macrocycle conversion through solvent selection

31-Jul-2017 | Author(s): Tushar S. Basu Baul, Dhrubajyoti Dutta, Andrew Duthie, M. Fátima C. Guedes da Silva, Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 2017

Publication date: October 2017 Source:Inorganic Chemistry Communications, Volume 84 Author(s): Tushar S. Basu Baul, Dhrubajyoti Dutta, Andrew Duthie, M. Fátima C. Guedes da Silva The self-assembly of tetrabutyldistannoxane ladder {[nBu2Sn(LH)]2O}2 1 upon crystallization in xylene ...


Enhanced interfacial activity of multi-arm poly(ethylene oxide) star polymers relative to linear poly(ethylene oxide) at fluid interfaces

25-Jul-2017 | Yun-Ru Huang; Melissa Lamson; Krzysztof Matyjaszewski; Robert D. Tilton, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2017

Interfacial tension reduction, dynamic dilatational elasticity and extent of adsorption were investigated for linear poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) chains of varying molecular weight and for PEO star polymers with an average of 64 arms per star at air/water, xylene/water, and cyclohexane/water ...


Isobaric Vapor–Liquid Equilibrium Data for the Binary Systems of Dimethyl Carbonate with Xylene Isomers at 93.13 kPa

24-Jul-2017 | Satyajeet S. Yadav; Nilesh A. Mali; Sunil S. Joshi; Prakash V. Chavan, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2017

Isobaric binary vapor–liquid equilibrium (VLE) data for dimethyl carbonate with xylene isomers (p-xylene, m-xylene, o-xylene, and ethylbenzene) were measured at the local atmospheric pressure of 93.13 kPa by using a dynamic recirculation still. The experimental VLE data were tested and found to ...


Three-layer-structure polymer optical fiber with a rough inter-layer surface as a highly sensitive evanescent wave sensor

24-Jul-2017 | Author(s): Nianbing Zhong, Zhengkun Wang, Ming Chen, Xin Xin, Ruohua Wu, Yanyan Cen, Yishan Li, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2017

Publication date: January 2018 Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 254 Author(s): Nianbing Zhong, Zhengkun Wang, Ming Chen, Xin Xin, Ruohua Wu, Yanyan Cen, Yishan Li We present a high-sensitivity and high-accuracy D-shaped polymer fiber-optic evanescent wave ...


Relationship between Coating-Induced Soot Aggregate Restructuring and Primary Particle Number

19-Jul-2017 | Kaiser K. Leung; Elijah G. Schnitzler; Ramin Dastanpour; Steven N. Rogak; Wolfgang Jäger; Jason S. Olfert, Environmental Science & Technology, 2017

The restructuring of monodisperse soot aggregates due to coatings of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) was investigated in a series of photo-oxidation chamber experiments. Soot aggregates were generated by one of three sources (an ethylene premixed burner, a methane inverted diffusion burner, or a ...


Experimental Determination and Correlation of Liquid–Liquid Equilibria for Water + Cyclohexanone + Solvents (Toluene or p-Xylene) Ternary Systems at 303.15 and 323.15 K under 101.3 kPa

17-Jul-2017 | Hai Liu; Peng Cui; Kun Xin; Lanyi Sun; Yunfang Wang; Qingsong Li, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2017

Liquid–liquid equilibria (LLE) data for the water + cyclohexanone + solvents (toluene or p-xylene) ternary systems were reported at 303.15 and 323.15 K under 101.3 kPa. The distribution coefficient (D) and separation factors (S) were calculated to evaluate the separating efficiency of the ...


Land Use Regression Models for Alkylbenzenes in a Middle Eastern Megacity: Tehran Study of Exposure Prediction for Environmental Health Research (Tehran SEPEHR)

17-Jul-2017 | Heresh Amini; Christian Schindler; Vahid Hosseini; Masud Yunesian; Nino Künzli, Environmental Science & Technology, 2017

Land use regression (LUR) has not been applied thus far to ambient alkylbenzenes in highly polluted megacities. We advanced LUR models for benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, p-xylene, m-xylene, o-xylene (BTEX), and total BTEX using measurement based estimates of annual means at 179 sites in Tehran ...


Standard and Rapid-Scan Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of o-Xylene Transformations in Terms of Pore Arrangement of 10-ring zeolites - 2D COS Analysis

12-Jul-2017 | Kinga Gołąbek; Karolina A. Tarach; Kinga Gora-Marek, Dalton Transactions, 2017

This work was attempted to offer an insight into o-xylene isomerization process in the term of steric constraints of 10- ring zeolites. The zeolites under the studies, i.e. ZSM-5, IM-5 and TNU-9, were purely microporous structures, of the same shape of the crystals, additionally offering ...


Supported C‐Scorpionate Vanadium(IV) Complexes as Reusable Catalysts for Xylene Oxidation

11-Jul-2017 | Jiawei Wang, Luísa M. D. R. S. Martins, Ana P. C. Ribeiro, Sónia A. C. Carabineiro, José L. Figueiredo, Armando J. L ..., Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2017

C‐scorpionate vanadium(IV) complexes supported on functionalized carbon nanotubes act as reusable, efficient, and selective catalysts for the halogen‐free oxidation of xylenes with peroxide. More information can be found in the Full Paper by Luísa M. D. R. S. Martins, Ana P. C. Ribeiro et al. ...


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