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  • Understanding properties of nanoparticles and quantum dots using Hansen Solubility Parameters

    Devices based on quantum dots and smart nanoparticles are currently getting a lot of attention. For instance, the colours, contrast and brightness of displays based on quantum dots provide benefits for users of TVs and phones. In addition, such particles can create value when incorporated into novel more

  • Sediment trapped behind dams makes them 'hot spots' for greenhouse gas emissions

    With the "green" reputation of large hydroelectric dams already in question, scientists are reporting that millions of smaller dams on rivers around the world make an important contribution to the greenhouse gases linked to global climate change. Their study, showing that more methane than previousl more

  • The drones of oil

    Geologists have long used seismology on the bottom of the ocean or have been throwing dynamite from snowmobiles when they look for oil. But now researchers at Centre for integrated petroleum research (CIPR), a joint venture between the University of Bergen (UiB) and Uni Research, have found a new pr more

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Sedimentation :This article refers to the scientific phenomenon of sedimentation. For sedimentation in the treatment of water and wastewater, see Sedimentation (water treatment) . Sedimentation describes the motion of molecule s in solution s or ... more


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