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Highprecision Measuring of Complex Process Components Using the Mobile SFM 3dLaserScan-System

Mobile Applied Use for High Speed Measuring of Process Components for Digital CAD-Processing

Highprecision, digital measuring of complex process components for the Reverse Engineering using the 3dLaserScan-System of Second First Maschinenhandel , here shown with a separation screw of centrifugal machines

Digitally quality assurance checking the manufacture of process components by means of the 3dLaserScan-System of Second First Maschinenhandel

Digital wear analysis of a centrifugal screw against a CAD-Modell by means of the 3dLaserScan-System of Second First Maschinenhandel

Digitally measured anticorrosion layer thickness of a process drum using the 3dLaserScan-System of Second First Maschinenhandel

Highprecision, digitally measuring of centrifuge housing for the Reverse Engineering manufacturing drawings using the 3dLaserScan-System of Second First Maschinenhandel

The technology of laser scanning for quality measuring is continuously growing into further industrial branches. For the process industry Second First Maschinenhandel (SFM) has developed a mobile 3DLaserScan system and adapted for the prevailing conditions in this industry. Following this SFM is offering this innovative measuring technique as a services using a digital interface to the branches chemistry, pharma and food industry with all its advantages as a high quality service for fast onsite measuring, high digital data quality for best documentation, possibility for reverse engineering and free market sourcing of parts.

Costefficient spare parts can thus be sourced from the free market, wear parts can be digitally measured up onsite, wearing characteristics of process components can be monitored with high accuracy, components with complex geometry can be locally compared in detail and can be analysed this way on performance issues.

The high precision 3D LaserScan system with 480.000 pixels per second first structures a position modell using trigonometric algorithms following the optimization of the model, while during screening the surface a second time the surface itself completes the structured model. A set of parameters (width of digital net, reflection strength, etc.) has to be defined beforehand to achieve high quality including local optimization (screw holes, edges), that can locally be increased 4-fold into a complete optimized data set.

The Mobile 3D LaserScan System Incorporates Many Customer Advantages

  • High precision measuring of parts within 30 µm to 100 µm tolerances
  • Consistent and complete measuring by means of a high reliable digital optical procedure
  • Reliable and fast working process for measuring of parts with minimum interference with onsite requirements
  • Measuring of parts with complex geometry digitally adding invisible surfaces portions
  • Robust, onsite application under working conditions without laboratory constraints

Using This High Speed 3D LaserScan Measurement Procedure Wipes out All the Former Hurdles for Measuring Procedures

  • Demanding preparation works        → Timesaving for the clients and customers
  • Long downtime for components      → Routine shut down can be made value of
  • Shipping of  components outside    → Saving of transport, fomalities, time an costs
  • Preparation for laboratory shipment → Component remains onsite at all times

In reality it is now possible to easily measure up components with accuracy of up to 30 µm for matching purposes, to monitor wearing status of critical components, to forecast wearing behaviour by multiple measuring as per maintenance schedule and to support reverse engineering of process components on a higher quality level.

Furthermore also single manufacturing steps (moulding, machining, welding, grinding) can be measured and precisely monitored for quality control purposes with high accuracy.

This 3dLaserScan-System now enables all companies in the processing branches like chemistry, pharmaceutical and food industry to make use all the advantages of this digitally measuring procedure, i.e. locally defining wearing zones, detecting wearing characteristics, comparing complex geometries and sourcing of high precision parts for the ultimate benefit target - Maintenance Excellence.

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