The Software Standard for Thermal Analysis

Intuitive operation, exact results and traceable workflows

The STARe-Software is the thermal analysis software for highest requirements regarding data integrity, traceability and efficiency.

With the new modular STARe-Software V16.10 for thermal analysis systems METTLER TOLEDO increases the benefits for operators.
The following functions are now available:

  • Work efficiency and data safety thanks to location-independent work and connection to external systems
  • LIMS connection - Via laboratory information and management systems (LIMS) tasks can be transferred to the STARe-Software and send back to the LIMS after the analysis.
  • STARe LabX connection - The software option «LabX integration» enables the STARe software to use balances which are connected to the LabX software. The automatic entry of the sample weights prevents errors.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and traceable workflows
  • STARe database -  Within the software all measurement methods, measurement data and calibration data and evaluations of results are stored in a database with date and time stamp. Therefore they are traceable at all times. It is impossible to delete or change data by accident.
  • Working in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 - This option ensures documentation and traceability of all workflows in compliance with FDA regulations.
  • Facilitated interpretation of results and automation
  • Reference libraray option - The software option facilitates the interpretation of results and helps with failure analysis and in materials sciences.
  • Automatic evaluation - With the reliable sample changer and the automatic evaluation of results experiments can be fully automated from the measurement to the display and storage of the results.  
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