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The Software Calculates and Creates REACH Conform Safety Data Sheets for Mixtures in Many Languages

From Formulation to Multilingual Safety Data Sheets with a Click of the Mouse

GeSi³® improves quality when creating safety data sheets while significantly reducing the time required. This is achieved through a database-driven workflow. Each safety data sheet created with GeSi³ is automatically designed to be multilingual, making it possible to reduce translation costs.

Your Multilingual Safety Data Sheet in up to 34 Languages

The multilingual capacity in GeSi³ is based on the European Phrase Catalogue (EuPhraC), which provides standardised phrases for your safety data sheet. You can license precisely the languages you require in GeSi³ and have the flexibility to add individual languages.

  • The country-specific limit values in Section 8 (occupational exposure limit values/biological limit values) are determined automatically and updated in the event of changes
  • It is also possible to differentiate between country-specific emergency numbers (Section 1) and national provisions (Section 15)
  • Highlight: Individual phrases can be added to the phrase catalogue – with an export and import facility for your translation agency

It Starts with Your Formulation

The GeSi³ software solution starts with your formulations, the components they contain and their properties (GHS classification, tox. and ecotox. information):

  • Formulation components can be pure substances as well as own or bought-in premixtures
  • You do not have to type in the chemical substance names of pure substances. Simply select them from a substance name database with approx. 120,000 chemical substance names based on CAS No. or EC No. This database can be expanded as required
  • Critical components can be identified immediately, as the legal classifications (in accordance with Annex VI of the CLP regulation) and the REACH candidate list status are clearly displayed
  • Highlight: After legislative changes, a formulation alarm informs you which formulations have to be reworked based on changed legal classifications

GeSi³ Provides Guidance for Legally Compliant Safety Data Sheets

GeSi³ offers several wizards to take you from formulation to safety data sheet. The 16 sections of the safety data sheet are automatically pre-filled based on the information in your formulation.

  • Classification wizard to determine the GHS classification, labelling and water hazard class in accordance with AwSV (Ordinance on Installations for the Handling of Substances Hazardous to Water)
  • Highlight: The classification process is transparent and traceable, using a log file with an adjustable level of detail
  • Wizard for dangerous goods classification ADR/RID, ADN, IMDG
  • Highlight: Using the suggested UN No., the data for Section 14 are also provided with reference to the mode of transport
  • Wizard for the creation of a multilingual safety data sheet with a teach function for P statement suggestions
  • Highlight: Template option to ensure that product group-specific contents remain identical in certain fields

Professional Dissemination of Your Safety Data Sheets with GeSi³

To ensure that your safety data sheets become a calling card for your company, GeSi³ allows you to create a uniform, visually appealing image with your company logo. The safety data sheet can be issued as a PDF file and alternatively in SDBtransfer (SDScomXMLChem, SDScomXMLBau), the new electronic exchange format for safety data sheets. All versions of your published safety data sheets are archived by GeSi³ in the version archive, in conformity with REACH.

Other Options Offered by GeSi³ in Addition to Safety Data Sheets

  • BfR product notification for your products
  • Multilingual hazardous substance labels with determination of the hazard-determining components for labelling
  • Creation of multilingual hazardous substance operating instructions
  • Operational hazardous substances management with hazardous substances index and risk assessments

GeSi³ is also available as a network client and with an English program interface. An update service is offered during purchase, to ensure the software remains legally compliant.

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