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This Lims Adapts to Your Process and Not Vice Versa

Individual Customization and a Timeless Look Facilitate the Daily Work with the Laboratory System

Beauty makes us feel comfortable. Every day, it warms our heart while we are working. The perception of beauty is always subjective and individual. Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder; beauty, especially the preferences for certain colors, also follows a trend. If beauty should be contemporary and timeless, it must fulfill even greater demands.

Quality makes our everyday work easier. Individual customization is necessary to support all processes perfectly. The ability to customize something means quality. It keeps the investment sustainable.

The new Limsophy version is all about beauty and quality.

The most current findings on software ergonomics have contributed to the development of the new Limsophy version. Limsophy receives a timeless look. Colors can be customized individually as required. The quality of visualization and the consistent operation across all modules assist the users from the start and make them feel comfortable.

The integrated help provides the users with functionalities and their explanation contextually. Limsophy offers an enormous amount of customization possibilities for the trained user. Limsophy supports every work process perfectly. The release capability is preserved completely. Routine processes can be automated completely. Limsophy supports the transformation of business processes into software perfectly. This is the key requirement in times of digitalization.

Functionality and beauty let LIMS become Limsophy.

This is the modern way of LIMS!

AAC Infotray AG
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